June 03, 2009

Kissing Blue Lan, Joe Chen says tastes good

Source: UDN
Translation: Sarah @ http://asianfanatics.net

Blue Lan & Joe Chen have kiss scenes in SETTV's new idol drama 'Easy Fortune, Happy Life'. Yesterday, they held the drama testing at Microsoft Taiwan, and Joe Chen boldly praised Blue, saying he 'tastes good'. However, the female enterprise staff weren't going to let him off that easily, asking him: "Do Da S & Patina Lin look alike?" making him feel extremely awkward.

'Easy Fortune, Happy Life' is about to air and Joe Chen, Blue Lan & Roy Qiu are busily promoting, displaying all their charm. Blue showed his rare sense of humor, saying: "Not used to making such a racket in this work place!" Microsoft's female staff brought on a sensitive topic, asking him: "Do Da S & Patina Lin look alike?" At first, Blue pretended he didn't understand, but it seemed he had come prepared, and after persistent questioning, did he boldly reply: "Me & Da S were together for many years, they don't look alike la!"

'Easy Fortune, Happy Life' will premiere this Sunday. The character Blue plays is like a devil, and Joe joked: "We're having an animal-beast love!" Talking about her kiss scene with Blue, Joe praised him saying he 'tastes good'. But unfortunately the scene was filmed in a water pit, so deducted points for romantic atmosphere! On the side, Roy Chiu also said that he is anticipating the drama crew will give him a kiss scene too.

Blue & Roy don't have much to say, but during filming, if they got on the topic of cars, they would talk non-stop. Blue laughed saying: "Roy is strange, every time he talks to me about cars, his hands will imitate changing gears and his feet will imitate braking, it's as if he's having a seizure!"

OMG~ are they holding EFHL goodie bagsss?!!?!?!?!?!??! Why am I not in Taiwan for summer vacation?!?!?! -sigh- Life is limited. Btw, EFHL is coming out this SUNDAY!!!

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