June 06, 2009

“Kissing Blue Lan gives me the feeling of experiencing my ‘First Love’" remarked Joe Chen

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“Kissing Blue Lan gives me the feeling of experiencing my ‘First Love’ “remarked Joe Chen

In TTV, Taiwan and Sanlih (SETTV) new drama, ‘Easy Fortune Happy Life’ Joe Chen Qiao En and Blue Lan had a romantic kissing scene under the Tung Oil Floral Tree and the scene was a recollection of 60 years ago, and the feeling was like experiencing their ‘First Love’. Blue Lan mentioned that they were like a pair of young sweetheart and were very happy together.

The leading cast of the drama ‘Easy Fortune Happy Life’ comprises Blue Lan, Joe Chen, Roy Chiu and Jocelyn Wang and this drama will start airing over TTV, Taiwan on this Sunday at 10 pm.

In the drama, Joe Chen stars as Xie Fu An, a village girl growing up in the mountain and who is familiar with Chinese herbs and medicine. And she was involved in the inheritance contend of 80 billion dollars by coincidence. And she and Yan Da Feng acted by Blue Lan who is the likely successor of the inheritance and debt collector, Han Dong Jie acted by Roy Chiu have a complicated love entanglement.

Joe Chen mentioned that because they stay in the mountain, they went to Bingdong three thresholds with the Miaoli tung oil tree colored forest to film. The travelling time took more than 10 hours as they hope to capture the best scenes for the audience to view.

The kissing scenes of Joe Chen and Blue Lan was filmed in Bingdong and Miaoli and they filmed it twice. Because it was a 60 years ago recollection, hence they did it indoor and outdoor.

Joe Chen smilingly said that this scene is different from the intense kissing scene with Ethan Ruan in the drama, ‘Fated to Love You’ as they drank red wine then. This time the feeling is like experiencing ‘first love’ .

Before filming this scene, both Joe Chen and Blue Lan brushed their teeth and took chewing gum. And this scene reminds Blue of his sudden urge to eat betel nut and asked the crew for one before a kissing scene and now when he recollected that incident, he felt so embarrassed.

AHHHH~just a few more hours before I get my hands on episode oneee! AHHH~ Qiao En! Nai Nai! Mr. Blueee! Easy Fortune Happy Lifeee!

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