June 17, 2009

Jiro and Jinglun brave lives filming Momo Love

Source: ChinaTimes
Translated by Starylosophy @ AsianFanatics

GTV's idol drama Momo Love was filmed at the side of Shihlin's Fu Lin Bridge. Scenes filmed were riding a motorbike and jumping into the river. Male lead actors were treated not as well as the female lead! Jiro and Jinglun reached the filming scene at 8am for their hair and make-up thereafter filming the motorbike and swimming scenes while female lead actress Cyndi only arrived at 3pm and was sitting by the side of the river watching them film.

During filming, the crew is afraid that scenes will be leaked which is why they deliberately started filming at 8am. But while riding the bike one of Jiro's lines was "Xiao Mei! Xiao Mei! Where are you?" which startled a few joggers who were near the river, and soon there were a whole bunch of people started watching them film.

Jiro and Jinglun filmed searching for Taohua scenes in the morning and in the afternoon they had to jump into the waters. Both bravely jumped into the river and had to also search and carry a mannequin, though it's not an easy task searching in the murky waters, both had to find the mannequin before they could go back on shores. While Cyndi came much later and was drinking her beverage watching them film.

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