June 06, 2009

Jimmy Lin moonlights as wedding photographer; Looks forward to season opening of the China Rally Championship

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source : online.sh.com

Jimmy Lin moonlights as wedding photographer

Jimmy Lin and Wallace Chung attended the grand opening party of the Chuech Photo Studio in Shanghai Hongkuo 1933 Plaza today (6/6/2009). Wallace Chung was an invited guest in the event and walked down the catwalk with a model. Jimmy Lin has another special mission. He minored in Photography in high school and will be a wedding photographer for the studio.

Jimmy revealed that he has already been booked and his bookings have been scheduled for the next 6 months. He didn’t say what his pay will be and said that it has to be negotiated with the studio.

He evaded the question about whether he has a bride-to-be to take wedding photos with. He said he has no idea when it’ll be. But one thing for sure, he will definitely go thru it sooner or later. His ideal wedding photo op site is the oceanfront. He likes that fresh and natural feel.

Jimmy Lin Looked forward to the season opening of the China Rally Championship

The season opening of the 2009 China Rally Championship will be held next weekend in Nanjing Jiangning. Besides top racers like Liu Bin, Han Han, Wang Rui, racing fanatic Jimmy Lin will also be in the race. He will represent Guangxi Speedone Racing Team in the International division races.

Jimmy attended Chuech Photo Studio grand opening party today and talked about his outlook on the 2009 CRC. He said he raced in the 2007 CRC race in Beijing and is familiar with rally racing. He is looking forward to the upcoming race.

He didn’t comment on his outlook on the race but said that he’ll do his best and earn points for the team. When asked about which racers he has his eyes on he didn’t say anything about the other top racers but instead praised his teammate Tam Zhuo Yong and wished him good luck.

Earlier this year, Han Han talked about Jimmy in a talkshow – “Jimmy Lin is the best racer among the stars. I don’t think there are any differences between us because #1 and #8 are only off by 7. I could slow down a bit or he could slow down a bit.” At the time, netizens criticized him for patronizing Jimmy’s racing skills. When asked about this Jimmy said that Han Han is an excellent racer but they are in different divisions so it’s hard to compare. If there is a chance he’d like to compete with Han Han in the same race.

WA~SE!!! Is there anything that Jimmy can't do?!?! Holy moly, he's like an all in one tool. An actor, an entrepreneur, a singer, a racer, a photographer, plus plenty more all rolled into one person called Jimmy Lin. He's so cool and so handsome and looks so darn young!

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