June 04, 2009

"I'm willing to do charity my whole life" - Stars talk about doing charity

Source: XinHua
Translation by minivicki @ http://asianfanatics.net

Amguulan from Mongolia said "We shouldn't forget how we started off. In the past, a lot of people helped me before. They helped my family. Now that I have the ability, I definitely must know how to repay the help and appreciate the help. Yesterday, I walked around Fu Zhou's streets and ZuoHai Park in order to attract more kind people, using actions to call out to others to join us in doing charity."

A reporter found that Amguulan has been silently doing alot of charity things and Amguulan embarrassedly laughed "I feel that doing charity isn't something we need to let everyone know. Just do it yourself. In my hometown in Mongolia, I'm sponsoring 12 poor children, helping them to successfully complete their education. Actually, a lot of friends around me are doing charity."

Amoa (艾梦萌) who has been to Fu Zhou three times put in just as much effort as Amguulan too, walking around Fu Zhou street in the hot sun. Amoa still looks like a child but when talking about doing charity, her statements are mature. "Although I'm helping others but I often feel that my individual ability is really very small. I hope that using my advantages, I can encourage others. There's afterall, power in numbers."

Taiwan "Popularity king" Aska Yang was in Fu Zhou for the first time and its his first time taking part in JeansWest charity too. He said that in his whole entertainment industry life, he has been receiving the care and concern of many around him and now, he wants to use his own strength to give other people more love. He mentioned that "I plan to center my next album around my life, to spread love and to show being loved."

Idol drama actress Joe Chen who became popular in Taiwan through idol drama "Prince Turned to Frog" and "Fated to Love You" even got injured by a car in the process of trying to recruit more charitable people to the event. When talking about the accident, Joe sounded very unconcern. "It was just an accident. Doing charity of course requires some sacrifices. Its a very meaningful thing to do charity using the status of a celebrity. If possible, I'm willing to do charity throughout my whole life." Fu Zhou also left a deep impression on Joe. She said that "Fu Zhou has a great weather. There's lots of good food and pretty girls too. Additionally, the Fu Zhou people are very kind and outgoing."

Yay! Charity! Yay! Fu Zhou! Yay! Qiao En!

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