June 01, 2009

Xiao Tian and Blue have a PK competition for arm wrestling; popularity is off the charts

Source: UDN
Translated by: hazel. @ http://asianfanatics.net
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San Lih’s has been such a commercial success that at yesterday’s fanmeet session, almost all of the fan merchandise, such as the DVD, pictorial book, handdrawn book and novel were all sold out, bringing in a total of almost 120 thousand NTD, proving its ability for making money.

At the fanmeet session, Ethan Juan was able to hand over the baton in full glory, and he wished for Joe Chen and Blue Lan’s new drama to be able to reach the same ratings as . He and Blue had a PK session in arm wrestling, and the cheers of nearly more than a thousand fans downstage were deafening, but the duel ended in a draw after more than a minute of competition.

Meanwhile, the other pair of male leads Wen Sheng-hao and Roy Chiu too competed, them doing push ups in fifteen seconds instead. By some stroke of “coincidence”, both of them managed nineteen in the small frame of time.

All four suave male leads were very open on stage, leading to an uproarious event for both fans and cast alike.

The battle between Qiao En's husbands! Hahahahaa~ Too bad Qiao En couldn't attend this event. It would have been the perfect showdown. Hahahaa~

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