June 05, 2009

I Like Summer School

Taking school in the summer is so relaxing!!! One of the classes I'm taking in summer school is Statistics because it's a required class and it doesn't fit into my fall schedule so I have to take it in the summer. Omg~ this class is so fun, mainly the teacher is so darn happy all the time and the happiness just spreads in the classroom. Hahaha~ Life is good when times are good~

I'm only taking two classes in the summer. One was statistics and the other one is pyschology. Ahhh~ I thought this class was going to be fun and interesting but it turned out to be the exact opposite. Boring and boring. The teacher is a happy person too but she often goes off topic. And she just repeats everything on the slides that she makes us read the night before. It's soo repetitive and so boring~~

One week down, five more to go!

EFHL coming out in a few hourssss!!!!

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