June 11, 2009

I Ace That Test

Or at least I hope I aced it. It was a psychology test that I've been worry about this whole week. This is actually the first time since entering college that I studied full force with minimum distraction. I was studying everything; notes I took from the book, powerpoint slides, class notes, study book. My study notes were 1/2 inch thick! And this test only covers four chapters!!! Crazyyyy!

Ha~heck~I shouldn't complain anymore~ hehehe~because everything paid off in the end! I was totally prepared for that test! Four sections: Multiple Choice, Fill in, True or False, and Short Answers! One fun rule with this test was that we had to omit one question from each section! That was totally sweet of the teacher! (but that doesn't change my mind about her class, it's quite boring). Hehehe~ I like summer school.

Wheeee! Enjoy your summer!

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