June 05, 2009

Fated to Love You Artwork

OMG! Look what I found at FTLY's Baidu Tieba! These artwork are soo darn cute, I want to print them all out and taped them to my wall (next to Arron).

omg~ cunxi!!! where is your mouth?!?!?!

Hahahahaha~ a cute version of the real scene!

AHHH~ Nai Nai!!!

Hahahahahaa~ this artist is very creative! Wish this was really shown in the show though!

Aww, a would be happy happy of four if not for THAT incident! Wondering which incident? Watch FTLY to find out!


Every baby is bought to this world by God.


Jia You, Ji Cun Xi!

Yayayayayayayaaaa! Baby Gi!

Hahahahaa~this scene was so kuso! And this drawing captures that kuso spirit very well!

Chen Xin Yi Version 1.0 - called by one my friends who recently watched FTLY in a matter of days.

-GASP- It looks just like the poster!

OMG! Who could ever forget this scene! Love the drawinggg!

AHH~ Fated To Love You!!!

Kiwi: Fated To Love You heals the soul

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