June 01, 2009

Fahrenheit world tour concert, Taipei's final concert will ignite in October

Source ChinaYes
Translated : Elvenstar @ http://asianfanatics.net

Fahrenheit's 「想入飛飛」world concert tour, after touring for half a year preforming, it will return to Taiwan in October 2009 to hold it's final concert. Choosing to leave the last concert to the fan's in Taiwan. This time the 4 guys have done a lot of preparation, wanting to bring the highlights of all the tours and leave the most perfect appearance in Taiwan. This time for Fahrenheit's world tour they want to leave the most perfect mark. From abroad they went to Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong and Japan to tour, even though they had other multiple commitments they always put the concert in 1st place. Removing all the countless difficulties they still finished the world tour, the 4 members because of the passionate fans forgot their illness, injures and the hard work, taking the past 2 months achievements from their hard work fully preforming to their supportive audiences. Bringing joy and satisfaction, Fahrenheit expressed "We put in 100% effort!"

Sincere Calvin Chen said " 1st when the concert started I felt it was a really hard mission, but after receiving training and practice we've finally now completed it!" Formed 3 years ago Fahrenheit, established from the 1st day, their common desire was to open a large scale sell-out concert. Calvin said " From taking on the responsibility of being guests for our seniors S.H.E, to our own small concert, up until now we finally get to open our own sell-out concert. This road Fahrenheit has put in hard work and have improved step by step".

Arron Yan also expressed, because of this concert, they have put in a lot of hard work, hoping the audience can feel their seriousness. Since young, scared of standing up on stage to preform, Wu Chun on the previous night stood on stage especially high. He laughed saying " My most happiest is, before I was the shyest person to stand on stage, but now I can preform on stage for all to see".

Recently busy shooting a drama; Jiro Wang, because of catching the cold he felt unwell. Hurriedly attending the press conference for the Taipei concert but left the scene straight after, just shows how much the concert means to Jiro. No matter how busy or how tired, he will still help drum up support for the Taipei concert. For the upcoming World tour, ignoring his foot injury, he insists on completing all the dance routines, making people feel touched and his professionalism level worth 100%.

Taipei's concert will be 1000 times spectacular, the 4 will show all their wonderful tricks to fulfil their fans. Fahrenheit in the concert each will have a solo, but unexpected,this solo part they feel is almost the most difficult part. Wu Chun will preform a large scale acrobatic fight, holding onto a rope swinging to the stage and using a knife sword to fight the group of dancers; Arron has put in a lot of hard work and will show his strength playing an accompaniment while singing.

Jiro Wang because of having to rush filming and also train for the Fahrenheit's concert, he will be busy both ends. To keep up with the pace, after filming everyday he'll obediently arrive at the company to practice the guitar. Calvin Chen apart from B-Box has secretly been practising a solo dance and DJ Scratch, He laughed saying " everyday I urge the teacher when we finish the lesson to put the CD away properly, to stop the fans waiting downstairs at the company to discover am practising this".

After the baptism of many concerts, returning to Taiwan, in regards to themselves being in Taiwan's Arena in October, Fahrenheit already been through hundreds of battles but feel scared as they are near their home town. As they need to preform for the Taiwan fans, it has made them feel especially nervous. Fahrenheit expressed they have to preform their best to repay the Taiwan fans for their continuous support and encouragement.

AHHH~Taiwan fans are soo luckyyy! I wish I could take some days off school and fly to Taiwan to watch their last World Tour concert! [My mom would be extremly mad at me tho]


  1. Do you know the dates? because I should be in Taiwan in October and I would love to go

  2. Waahhhh~ jealoussss! hahahaha~ i think they are having their concert on october 25 and 26. hope you take tons of photos if you do attend their concert! wooo!

  3. thanks it depends on how this study abroad thing works out, and if I find someone to go with me. I already have a camera!

  4. ah! hope the study aboard works out well for you then you can go see Fahrenheit~ Hahaha~ wooo! which fahrenheit member are you most looking forward to seeing?

  5. AAh, it's a tough one between Aaron and Jiro...umm gah! I can't choose and then Calvin is very close to now that he's starting to be more out there. I'll just make this easy and say that I don't care all that much for Wu Chun.