June 16, 2009

Fahrenheit cares for the impoverished kids; are spokesmen for TVBS Charity

Source: TVBS News
Translated by: Celeste^^ @ http://asianfanatics.net

Credit to tvbs.com.tw and uploader)

*TVBS (Care for Taiwan Culture and Education) Foundation has for the past 8 years help support surpass 140,000 impoverished schoolchildren. This year, the foundation has engaged Fahrenheit to be endorsers/spokemen hoping that the Fahrenheit’s popularity can encourage more kind heart people to join and help more needy children.

Advertisement direction as given by the commercial director to Fahrenheit was to give the sense of achievement, encouraging and commend one another.”

TVBS 關懷台灣文教基金會 charity foundation spokeman and lifelong volunteer Li Tao specially brought steamed rice dumplings when he visited Fahrenheit on the set to thank them personally. He presented to them “ sweet steamed rice dumpling.”

Li Tao also told a sad story that moved Fahrenheit to tears.

“One day, an elder brother took his younger brother with him to bring their Daddy a packed lunch (to his workplace) in Taipei. The elder brother's pant was caught by factory machine and he was pulled into it ...(人被捲/roll了inside進去). Several days later, the younger brother looked for his teacher and said that he wants to study. He had never and could not read English originally but now resolutely learnt by memorizing (現在一直背一直背).

According to the statistics, TVBS foundation for 8 years has received compassionate donations from 76,000 people and has helped 140,000 impoverished schoolchildren in remote districts. With popular Fahrenheit (人氣偶像飛輪海當代言人) as spokesmen, it is hoped for that they can appeal for more people join together to help the children.

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My comments: Aaron was visibly shaken and teared at the poor children’s story. The expressions on his bros were more controlled and showed grimfaced concern. The kid in the story probably resolved to study because education is a way out of poverty. Can overseas people donate to this TVBS foundation? Anyways, Aaron and his bros looked very handsome in their preppy casuals.

*Unsure the actual English name of foundation but the http link is TVBS Foundation.

hazel: I edited the title and some of the text (grammatical errors) plus removed personal comments, but other than that I left everything unchanged. Thanks for the translation! (:


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