June 16, 2009

"Easy Fortune Happy Life’’ viewership ratings shot new height, Blue Lan and Joe Chen use ‘old ginger’ to celebrate

Source: Now news
Translation: Ocean168 @ http://asianfanatics.net

TTV, Sanlih idol drama, ‘Easy Fortune Happy Life’ viewership ratings shot up, and emerged champion amongst all cable and non-cabled television programs.

On 14 June both Blue Lan and Joe Chen presented ginger to Ding Qiang for celebration. Ding Qiang humbly said that the younger generation will supercede the older generation. Blue smilingly replied that though they are the esteem, they are not advancing to the beach.

‘Easy Fortune Happy Life’ telecast its second episode on TTV on 14 June 2009 and Sanlih broadcast the first episode on 13 June 2009. Both stations emerged champion in ratings in competition with cable and non-cable stations. Especially the part where Ding Qiang was relating to Gino the past of 60 years ago, regarding Cui Xiang, the ratings rose to 4.09 high. Both male and female leads, Blue Lan and Joe Chen presented ‘old ginger’ to Ding Qiang representing ‘old ginger is hot’.

In the drama, Ding QIang is very fierce to Blue and this sometimes causes ‘NG’ and he laughingly said whether this will spoil his image. After filming, he dared not acknowledged Blue and just leave the scene. Blue laughingly said that he does not know that Ding Qiang has the burden of being an idol, and is afraid of tarnishing image.

Ding Qiang praised the two artistes, Blue Lan and Joe Chen and mentioned that sad scenes need three days for practicing and to practice happy scenes three days will not be sufficient and thought that young people will just bluff the way through and he never expect both of them to act just perfectly . Blue learnt a lesson from Ding Qiang and Blue thought that Ding Qiang forgot his script but he was actually using his tone to act and to change his moods.

Ding Qiang is preparing to publish a book and he does not know how to use the computer to type. He started practicing by sms in the handphone but the publisher wants him to write fifty thousand words. And he said that it is very difficult for him. Blue told him that Joe Chen is producing her second book, Joe looked down and is a bit shy about it. Ding Qiang asked her about the names of her book and she replied that the first book is called 「喬見沒」 and the second which will be out soon is called「喬見巴黎」and jokingly said if she publishes the third book, it will be called: [喬見巴黎沒」。

Wooo! 4.09 rating for second episode! First episode got 3.99! Hope the ratings will continue to soar!!! And...Roy, unfortunately, did not appear in episode 2 instead his first appearance will be in episode 3!!!!

Hehehe~ I'm so happy because I just ordered her second book! And shipping is pretty darn expensive. To bring the shipping cost down, I was planning to buy both of her books but sadly, her first book is out of stock. They also ran out of EFHL storybook too! :( In the end, I settled for a FTLY storybook! WOO! That's just as good. Somehow I must get my hand on her first book...hmm...ARGGG.. just send me to Taiwan and everything will be good. Hahahhaaa~

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