June 01, 2009

The Death of Ji Nian Ping


Awww, Chen Xin Yi! She cried because the water is freezing cold. This was the saddest scene in the whole show! The freezing rain, the shouting, the car accident, the blood, the unconscious Xin Yi, and the director who lost all sense of feelings all contribute to this very depressing scene. -sniff sniff- The first is filming in the rain. Not only do the actors/actresses have to endure the freezing "rain", they must ignore the numbness and recite their lines! Good thing, they got that done soon. Can't bear to watch them stay in the rain too long~ might catch a cold! However, the most difficult part in filming this is scene is the car accident scene. It's a pretty scary scene to film because the driver has to drive the car really close to Qiao En. They kept NGing cuz the driver was scared that he was getting too close to her. So in the end, one of the crew worker came out and volunteered to stand in for Qiao En. Sooo Niceeeee but pretty weird looking tooo!

Hahahahaaa~ Qiao En is so grateful and happy that someone is willingly to help her film the crashing scene. Of course, she still has to fall from the car herself and she does it a couple of time too. Ouch! And omg, Xiao Tian (Ethan) screamed until he couldn't scream anymore. This scene...-sniff sniff- so sad. The music, the flashback, oh my, just can't hold back those tears....

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