June 10, 2009

Chen Qiao En washes the feet of Na Dou, audience is bewildered

Source: UDN
Translated by meosles @ http://asianfanatics.net/

Sunday idol drama "Chinese-Korea competition". Even though the ratings of SET/TTV "Easy Fortune Happy Life" is half that of the final episode of "My Queen", it still remains the ratings champion. In the first episode, Chen Qiao En has a scene where she washes the feet of Na Dou, causing netizens to say with pain: "How can the female lead do such a scene?". They are bewildered by the arrangement of the production unit.

The highest rating segment for "Easy Fortune Happy Life" first episode is the scene where Blue Lan fell into the marsh. When celebrating yesterday, Blue Lan joked: "If the audience likes to see me suffer, then let me become bankrupt a few episodes later!"

Even though they like to see Blue Lan suffer; in the scene where Chen Qiao En is treating Na Dou's feet for athlete's foot, Chen Qiao En not only uses her hands to massage his feet with medicine, she even washes his feet. Many audience finds this inconceivable. Chen Qiao En joked yesterday: "Na Dou's feet are quite clean. Before filming, my hands are covered with emulsion so all I smelled are the fragrance of the emulsion. I didn't smelled any strange odour. In that scene I pressed very hard, and Na Dou keep crying out in pain!" Yesterday the leads went to Baoan temple to pray for blessings and to celebrate. But Blue Lan prayed instead to the goddess of birthing, cause others to suspect his intentions. He explained: "Because both my two sisters are pregnant, so I am praying for their well-being!"

Hahahaha~ I like how she always inject humor into her answers. "In that scene I pressed very hard, and Na Dou keep crying out in pain!" Hahaha~ so far my favorite scene has got to the marsh scene! It's sooo funny especially when Blue freaks out cuz there's a catepillar on his hair~ Hahahahaa~ can't wait for next week's episode to come out~ and I'm also highly anticipating Roy's apperance in the show~ i hope he comes out soon~

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