June 12, 2009

Chen Qiao En smilingly said that they celebrate by wearing winter clothings in the new drama and praised Roy Qiu for being good-looking

Source: http://ent.163.com
Translation: Ocean168 @ http://asianfanatics.net

Netizens (pictures /article by Taiwan press group and Cai Shi Wei) reported that on 11 June 2009, Blue Lan Zheng Long, Joe Chen Qiao En, Roy Qiu attend the first screening event of the drama, ‘Easy Fortune Happy Life’. The screening of the first episode was promising with good results, hence the media asked how did they celebrate. Chen Qiao En replied that at 12 noon they wore winter clothings inside the car without switching on the air-conditioner.

The idol drama, ‘Easy Fortune Happy Life’, held its first screening event yesterday, 11 June 2009 at Xin Yi Wei Siu where Blue Lan, Joe Chen, Roy Qiu etc were present. The first episode obtained good ratings of 3.99 and the marsh scene even broke the record of 5.5 in ratings. The press asked when the drama broke all previous records how would they celebrate. Joe Chen Qiao En replied that due to the fact that previously Ethan Ruan has already strip, so now they will wear winter clothings at 12 noon inside the car without switching on the air-conditioner to celebrate.

Roy Qiu outlook and preparation is quite eye-catching and Qiao En said that in the beginning of the drama he chased the horses and had fighting scenes and even falling on the ground scenes where he looks graceful. Blue added that Roy is the exceptional kind of actors which will look stylish at any angle.

Blue Lan’s face always glow and he smiles very often and is very different from his previous image of being ‘cold’. This gives the implication that he has found a new love? Blue laughingly replied no but it could be under the influence of Niu Zheng Zhe and his thinking has changed. He has grown up and look at things differently.

Sky Wu flew back from Beijing yesterday to specially attend the premiere event. He bestowed the symbolic pair of black eagle wings and a pair of white angel wings to both Blue Lan and Joe Chen respectively in hoping that their attainment in the drama will fly as high as possible.

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