June 03, 2009

Chen Qiao En alarmed by accident in China, car brakes suddenly injuring her right knee

Chen Qiao En alarmed by accident in China, car brakes suddenly injuring her right knee.
Source: Apple Daily
Translation by meosles @ http://asianfanatics.net

News at 3rd of June in Beijing. According to Taiwanese media, when Chen Qiao En attends a charity event in Fuzhou, she was alarmed by an accident! And the car she was in braked suddenly injuring her right knee.

Aska Yang has a slight scratch

When Chen Qiao En was in a car in th city area, it brakes suddenly. Her mother who was also in the car hit her head and her manager's nose bled when it was hit. Her knees was also bruised from the impact. The first car in front braked suddenly because it nearly hit someone. Aska Yang's car luckily only bumped lightly into it; but the car that Chen Qiao En was in braked suddenly causing everyone to lurch forward. Chen Qiao En heard her mother cry out and asked immediately: "Mom! Are you allright?" It was only when she found out her mother is okay that she realized that her knee was in pain. For a while she couldn't stand up and was limping a little when she walked.

And then when she returned to Taiwan the next day, her car burst a tire on the way to the airport. Chen Qiao En and her group had to quickly moved to the side of the road and waited for someone to come and help. It was fortunate that again nothing serious happened. But when they reached the airport they had missed the flight and switched to another flight which stopover at Hong Kong. It was nearly morning when they reached Taipei. This journey is full of mishaps.

Yesterday (2nd June), Chen Qiao En promotes her new SET/TTV drama "Easy Fortune Happy Life" and wore long dress to hide her bruises.

Wahh~ two car accidents, a missed flight, and a bruised knee!!! Good thing she's okay. I was scared by this article title for a moment. Four more days till Episode 1 of Easy Fortune Happy Life!


  1. I want to see chen qiao en's new drama really bad!! can you tell me if there is any site that i can watch it from??

  2. her new show is not out yet. I'll put up some links once its out.