June 09, 2009

Blue Lan pray to the Empress earnestly while Joe Chen Qiao En look in disbelieve

Source: Liberty Times
Translation: Ocean168 @ http://asianfanatics.net

The TTV, Sanlih (SETTV) drama, ‘Easy Fortune Happy Life’ starring Blue Lan, Joe Chen Qiao En and Roy Qiu emerged champion in ratings of 3.99 last Sunday when the first episode was telecast.

Yesterday, the three of them went to ‘Bao An Kong’ to pray and to celebrate.the success. Blue was mediating in front of the Empress for a long while Joe Chen Qiao En (having her ‘period’), who could not use joss-sticks smilingly teased him for being so pious. Blue explained that he is praying for his sister who is pregnant.

When the drama was airing that night, Blue dare not view and went to play Billiards. Joe Chen Qiao En on the other hand, watched the picture montage where they ran all over Taiwan to film exhaustively. She also examined the kissing scene between Blue Lan and Jocelyn Wang where they stick out their tongues. Quite a number of the audience were surprised that Joe Chen would give Na Dou a foot massage for the treatment of athlete’s foot. She said that Na Dou foot was cleaned and with fragrance. She even jokingly said that the next round might consider giving Blue Lan a foot massage.

To act as an ordinary girl, for Joe Chen is easily accomplished and she admired herself for being able to act out different kinds of ‘sparrows’ and she also realized that in the drama, the sentence ‘I want to be your family member’ she ever said this phrase to Ming Dao three years ago in ‘Prince turns to Frog’.

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