June 29, 2009

Black & White Comes to an End; Director Cai Sheds Tears

Source: UDN News
Translation: xbunnylicious @ http://asianfanatics.net

The finale for PTS drama "Black and White" was broadcasted on Saturday. Director Cai Yue Xun brought the main leads to an outdoor event at Kaohsiung for a celebration event. When Director Cai went on stage to express his gratitude, he mentioned how filming this drama made him have no time to accompany his family, causing him to shed tears.

Zhao Shu Hai's son Mark Zhao shot to stardom through this drama. Paul Chun jokingly introduced his children to Director Cai and even handed his phone to him and said, "If you have a chance, please look after them." Jimmy Hung also said, "I also have a father (Sammo Hung) and we can cooperate in the future."

During the event, they also played a guessing game on who's acting was the best. The answer was actually Mark Zhou and the reason is because he is an "insightful hero" (Mark's character in the drama is named Hero.") To get the fans excited, Director Cai also announced that the "Black and White" movie will contain the original actors and actresses. Filming will start at the end of the year and Zai Zai, Mark Zhao, Janine Chang, and Ivy Chen are all on the list. The ending to "Black and White" was left with a lot of foreshadowing for the movie. PTS also decided to re-broadcast the drama starting July 1 from Mondays to Fridays.

Aww, I hate it when good shows end! This show was amazingly twisted in every possible way. I love how the director just keeps throwing surprises into every single episode. This is definitely not an idol drama. It's a real drama with real actions and a real storyline. Be real and watch it! Ahhh~ this is another drama I'm going to miss a lot! We are all going to have to wait a whole year to watch the movie that's supposedly the sequel to this drama! Ahh~ can't wait to watch it! I think this is the first time that I'm so excited to watch a movie~usually I just hate watching movies. Hahahaa~

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