June 21, 2009

Black and White: The Last Battle (SPOILERS ALERT)

...begins next week. This week's battle was pretty darn intense! Two people dead this week. One being old Lee and the other is Ying Xiong's old flame, Lei Mu Sha. But before I talk about this week's battle, I'm going to make a few comments about last week's battle.

Last week's episodes were cleverly twisted. It turns out that Pi Zi is not Chen Lin's brother. It was all a mistake. The real brother is Ying Xiong! WHOA! What a twist. From the beginning, Pi Zi's identity was a mystery and just when he was told that he had actually had a family, it is all taken away from him. Poor guy~ That's the first twist. The second twist involves Pi Zi turning to the dark side! It turns out that the supervisor of the South Department is a baddie! I always thought for sure that he was on the good side...I got fooled...

So this week, there's another twist. It turns out that Ying Xiong is not Chen Lin's brother. In fact, there was never a 'brother' to begin with. Ying Xiong is the illegitimate son of the current President! AH~ things are starting to make some sense now. Apparently, the current President and the leader of San Lan Hui fell for the same woman but the woman chose the President and they had a child. This was kept a secret because there are enemies who want to pull the President down, and they will go after that child by any means. San Lan Hui Leader, because of his love towards that woman, decides to help the President protect his son. Wow, what a big mess they created.

Old Lee is dead. He was killed by the South Department supervisor because he knew too much. Old Lee is one of the good guys and is working for another group of people who want to bring down the evil group. Old Lee gathered some evidence against the evil group but he could not pass them to his colleagues in time. Earlier, he had hinted to Pi Zi that he really likes to listen to Teresa Teng's songs. Yepp, you guessed it, the evidence was on the CD with a Teresa Teng cover. Pi Zi found it but it's kinda bad timing because at this time the supervisor walks out and points a gun at Pi Zi. What bad luck...

Lei Mu Sha is also dead. She shot herself because she didn't want to kill Ying Xiong. Her choices were kill Ying Xiong, be killed, or suicide. She couldn't bring herself to kill Ying Xiong and if Ying Xiong doesn't die, the only road left for her is death by her boss or suicide. She chose the latter. Mark, surprisingly, was excellent in this scene. I felt that his acting has improved a lot from the beginning of this show. It was so emotional seeing him cry all over his old flame.

Next week is the finale of this show! OMG! Coming to end so soon! In the final two episodes, Pi Zi and the team will finally go up against the big evil group. And they are a group that you don't want to mess with because they got these assassins with 100% accuracy. With essentially all the evidence wiped out, will Pi Zi and the team be able to bring down this evil group? How will they fare against BOSS? Will evil triumph over good in this series? Find out next week!

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