June 16, 2009

2009 HITO Pop Music Awards List

Source: TOM
Translation: Sarah @ http://asianfanatics.net

7 heavyweight radio stations from across Asia: Shanghai Oriental Radio Station, Beijing Music Station, Guangdong Music Station, Hong Kong Radio Television, Singapore FM 93.3 YES Channel and Malaysia 988 Channel have together chosen the 2009 HITO Pop Music Awards winners. The singers or groups winning these awards represent Asia media’s best of the year.

2008 Best Western Song:
1. Leona Lewis – ‘Bleeding Love’
2. Boyzone – ‘Love You Anyway’
3. Coldplay – ‘Viva La Vida’

2008 Best Japanese/Korean Song:
1. Thelma Aoyama – ‘Stay By My Side’
2. Rain – ‘Rainism’
3. Utada Hikaru – ‘Heart Station’

2008 Best Overseas Singer:
Singapore – JJ Lin
Malaysia – Gary Cao
Hong Kong – Eason Chan

HITO Awards:

Longest Chart-topping Album: Mayday (6 weeks) – ‘Poetry Of The Day’
Longest Chart-remaining Album: Joanna Wang (19 weeks) - 'Start From Here'
Best OST: ‘Bull Fighting’
Best Singer/Songwriter: Jay Chou – ‘Capricorn’
Best Newcomer: Jam Hsiao – ‘Self-titled Album’
Best Band: Mayday – ‘Poetry Of The Day’
Best Male Group: Fahrenheit – ‘Two-Sided Fahrenheit’
Best Female Group: S.H.E – ‘My FM S.H.E”

Best Female Singer: Joanna Wang – ‘Start From Here’
Best Male Singer: Jay Chou – ‘Capricorn’

Top 10 Chinese Songs Of The Year:

1. Mayday – Suddenly Miss You So
2. Joanna Wang – ‘Let’s Start From here’
3. Khalil Fong – ‘Love Song’
4. Jam Hsiao – ‘Collection’
5. Aska Yang – ‘Dove’
6. Eason Chan – ‘Don’t Speak’
7. Angela Zhang – ‘Don’t Want To Understand’
8. Yoga Lin – ‘Mystery’
9. S.H.E – ‘It’s Quiet’
10. Jay Chou – ‘Fragrant Rice’

2008 Professional Awards:

Best Lyricist: Ashin – ‘Poetry Of The Day’
Best Composer: Khailil Fong – ‘Orange Moon’
Best Arranger: Gary Tong – ‘Mr Magic’
Best Producer: Tong Cheng Hu – ‘Change Life’

2008 Recommendation Awards:

Public’s Favourite Song: Aska Yang – ‘Dove’
DJ’s Favourite Album: Khalil Fong – ‘Future’
Asia Media Award: Mayday

Cutting class to post up this news. Hahaha~ just kidding. I'm on my break right now. Wah~ congrats to everyone who got an award! Fahrenheit and S.H.E received best group award! Whheeee! The one thing that surprises me up there is Best OST! Bull Fighting! That was kinda unexpected. Bye~ gotta sprint to psychology class now!

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