May 26, 2009

ZaiZai, Jerry Yan & Blue Lan have bold women backing them up

Source: UDN
Translation: Sarah @

Behind every successful man lies a woman. But in the idol drama world, most of the girls in the past have been jade girls; fragile, courteous & refined. Today, they have become independent, takes the initiative, full of personality and stands equal to the male lead. Like ZaiZai, Jerry Yan & Blue Lan’s new dramas; behind all 3 male idols, lies a ‘bold woman’.

As the ratings continue to climb, the 4-way love triangle in PTV’s ‘Black & White’ seems to become more and more complicated. In the end, will ZaiZai be with Ivy Chen or Janine Chang? This question has triggered fierce debate among netizens. Ivy Chen tells ZaiZai that she is a strong tree, and will forever be by ZaiZai’s side; this bold confession has received a high degree of support.

Ivy plays the daughter of a gangster. Although she appears to be fragile, she is actually stubborn and takes the initiative when it comes to love. This difference in inside and outside further adds colour to her character, becoming the typical ‘bold woman’. However, bold women can also tire themselves out; yesterday the ‘Black & White’ cast held a signing event at Taichung, and after saying a quick hello onstage, Ivy was helped downstage to rest, disappointing many fans.

After Jerry Yan returned from Japan, he immediately began filming GTV’s new drama ‘Just Want To Depend On You’. In the drama, Ella talks loudly and even carries refrigerators; full of ‘bold woman’ flavour. Jerry mistakes her for a lesbian, and gets her to become his nanny. The 2 yesterday filmed with Xiao Xiao Bin, and because she looked so cute, it even made Jerry go blind and NG.

Blue Lan & Joe Chen’s SETTV drama ‘Good Fortune, Happy Life’ is about to air. In the drama, Joe plays a righteous ‘bold sister’, not only does she resist Blue’s evil ways, she even bars the police. Earlier, Joe & SETTV had a big disagreement about Blue touching her chest, in the end, they only filmed above the shoulders; Joe’s bold defense of her chest succeeds!

The 3 bold women steals the spotlight, and has become a hot topic.

Woo! I'm watching Black and White, highly anticipating Easy Fortune Happy Life, and keeping a lookout for Just Want To Depend On You.

I am split on whether Zai Zai should end up with Ivy Chen or Janine Chang. Zai Zai's character is compatible with either lady. As for Mark Zhao, his character is wayyy too rash and wayy to stubborn at times. Hope he can change and listen to others for once. I really don't see a possibility between him and Ivy Chen. He refuses to see gray; he only acknowledges black and white. Ivy is daughter of dark side. He's on the white side. If he's going to be with Ivy, he needs to acknowledge the gray part.

Hahaha! Ella carries refrigerators! I want to see that! How is it possible for her to carry such a huge thing on her back! I remember, in Prince turned Into Frog, Qiao En carried gas tanks. and now Ella is carry fridges. These female in idol dramas get stronger and stronger! Hahahaa~ Soon they'll be carrying trucks!

Congrats to Qiao En for winning the battle! There's no need to touch places that aren't meant to be touched. On the brighter side, for 100th time, I'll say it again, I'm highly highly looking forward towards this drama after watching all those previews and pictures! I want to see how village girl resist the evil guy's evil doings.

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