May 13, 2009

Zai Zai silenced from Black & White's Soundtrack

soundtrack: rumors say Zai Zai (2nd left) silenced, while Mark Zhao (2nd right) chosen

Source : Liberty Times
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is one of the most popular series right now, causing an explosion of discussions after each week's broadcast. With its merchandise sales on the rise, they are taking this chance to release the drama's soundtrack. However, rumors say that "Zai Zai" Vic Zhou, the male lead of the series, is missing from the song list because his singing style does not match well with the soundtrack. On the contrary, "Ying Xiong" Mark Zhao, the other male lead, is chosen. Zai Zai unexpectedly ends up in Jerry's shoes for , both "silenced" from their drama's soundtrack.

Artists signed by filming crew sings

Zai Zai usually sings when he acts in series. For , , and other series, he has never been missed in the soundtrack. In the upcoming soundtrack for the currently airing contains songs sang by Mark Zhao, "Jason" Zou Cheng En, and band sounds from Color Band and Picks. It will also contain instrumental music by award winning musician from the movie and Thai instrumentalist Terdsak Janpan. However, Zai Zai's voice is missing in the soundtrack.

Film crew says Zai Zai refused to sing

In preparing for the soundtrack, it was decided to have songs in the style of rock and passion. Considering that Zai Zai's voice is more suitable for slow love songs and that the soundtrack style may not suit him well, they decided to allow him not to be in it. Mark Zhao and Jason, signed by the film crew, have made it on the soundtrack instead.

Regarding Zai Zai not being in the soundtrack, the film crew replied, "He is our first male lead. How could we not have invited him? It's because he felt that it didn't suit his style, thus he rejected the offer." Zai Zai's manager, Zhi Xiang Li expressed the same reason and emphasized that in the past, Zai Zai always had a new album release during a series broadcast, where songs from his album are chosen for the series soundtrack, and Zai Zai has never sang specially for just a soundtrack.

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