May 12, 2009

Zai Zai battles Blue Lan for Golden Bell

Source : Liberty Times
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"Chen Zai Tian" Vic Zhou and "Liu Han Qiang" Blue Lan, will be representing the police dramas, from PTS and from SETTV. They will both be in contention for Golden Bell's best male actor award. These two ex-boyfriends of Da S will battle against each other for the Golden Bell awards for the first time!

Both enters for Golden Bell best actor award

The 2009 Golden Bell Awards will begin accepting applicants in the beginning of next month. SETTV, in addition to entering Ethan Ruan's name, it is heard that they have also entered both male leads, Blue Lan and Lin You Wei for , directed by Wang Xiao Di. Similarly, both male leads from director Cai Yue Xun's , "Zai Zai" Vic Zhou and Mark Zhao, are also in contention for the award. Producer Yu Xiao Hui expresses that Mark Zhao is a newcomer in acting, and if there is a "Best new actor award", she believes that he will definitely have a high chance of winning. As for Zai Zai, she believes that he should have long won the award for . This year, the production company Prajna Works is confident in the categories of art direction and such, but they hope most that they can help Zai Zai win a Golden Bell award.

Netizen praises Zai Zai's breakdown scene

In , Zai Zai's acting shows an in-depth side of Chen Zai Tian. His inner emotions are done extremely well, especially in last night's episode when the hamburger shop, where his "Goddess" He Xiao Mei (portrayed by Yu Hong Yuan) works, suddenly blows up. He searches her in fright and later breakdowns from emotions of helplessness. The netizens all praised him for his good acting.

Although Zai Zai was very much immersed in the filming of before, he strangely refuses to take part in the weekly "Black & White party" hosted at someone's place with Director and the rest of the crew to watch the episode broadcasts together. Yu Xiao Hui originally planned to intrude Zai Zai's home directly the night before, but unexpectedly, he threats, "I've already provided all your pictures to the guards and told them that these people are not allowed in!" As a result, everyone suspects whether there is an unspeakable secret at "Zai's home".

Anti-social Zai Zai refuses to host party at home

Yu Xiao Hui says that Zai Zai feels that it is too funny that they are taking turns in hosting a party every week. He doesn't want to participate in this crazy event and won't allow others to go to his home, "I am still trying to think of a way to persuade him. I've been inviting him every day!"

In regards to this group of people eyeing to intrude "Zai's home", Zai Zai smiles, "Are you guys crazy? My home is so small!" Yu Xiao Hui worries that Zai Zai is refusing to host due to the last few parties being too amazing; At Mark Zhao's home, Zhao Shu Hai would personally knead the dough and cook the dumplings, while Ivy Chen's mom had prepared many wonderful dishes enough for New Year's dinner. For this reason, they have compromised to allow Zai Zai to order pizza delivery, but Zai Zai continues to refuse, "You guys, stop being so annoying!"

Yu Xiao Hui describes that Zai Zai likes to keep a low profile and doesn't like to go out nor enjoy having gatherings with friends such as this. She often makes fun of him and says that he has already turned into an "Old Senior", "We want him to join us, hoping that he can have some fun. Anyhow, before finishes airing, I will definitely find a way to succeed in my goal of intruding Zai Zai's home!"

I never realized that Zai Zai was such good actor until I watched Black & White. I've tried watching Mars but the first episode didn't really interest me so I stopped. And Meteor Garden, there's so many remakes, I don't like watching this either. Black & White, is a whole other story. Zai Zai brightens up this mysterious drama. He's like the comedy factor + the lazy guy+ player + eye candy+ hero all rolled in one. I like his character over the other guy, Hero. Hero is too rash and isn't as attentive as Zai Zai's character.

Easy Fortune Happy Life will be my first time watching Blue Lan act. I really had no idea who this guy was until I read that he got cast in this show with Qiao En.

Good Luck to them both~ as well as other contestants~

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