May 14, 2009

Xiao Zhu Speaks of Love Thorns; Breaks Down Crying

Source: YAM - Liberty
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“Xiao Zhu” Show Luo earlier had been exposed by a Hong Kong netizen Fanny for love chatting online, most recently four models from Hong Kong exposed to the media claimed that Xiao Zhu took the initiative to get together online and that he collected female model “nick names”.

Yesterday on the live show of GTV’s “Yu Le Bai Fen Bai” program, Xiao Zhu mentioned about this incident, said angrily “that he’s so angry and reluctant!” with one incident after another, causing Xiao Zhu to go nuts, speaking of the sadness and grief, its hard not to cry, but immediately he held back the tears of choked words: “I’m a cockroach, those that want to bug me, you can’t, I can’t be hit!”

Stressed Meeting Friends Online is Not Illegal
With the most recent publication of the magazine report, Xiao Zhu’s net friends list includes once filmed in a rated film 26 year old Hong Kong Vonnie Lui 雷凱欣, Chinese-Hispanic model Annie G, Hong Kong TV program “Angel of SING” assistant host Coffee Lam 林婉霞, the 3 not meeting together all pointed that they know Xiao Zhu, all contacted directly by Xiao Zhu on Facebook.

Yesterday Xiao Zhu clarified, that he saw online that there is malicious comments that were purposely said to hurt him, saying he used his mom’s image as a good kid image, adding to the online incident, Xiao Zhu yesterday on the program broke down, he said that’s he’s never deliberately put on a healthy image, he said: “I am what I am, I usually tell jokes on the show, talk about some “A” stuff, to give everyone laughs!” And emphasizing him meeting friends online is not illegal, to condemn the media: “Already seeing the corpse on the ground, and you still shoot!” Getting more emotional as he spoke, speaking at last, and couldn’t hold back the tears.

Big S Marches into the Film Set
Stands Up for Xiao Zhu

He has said he won’t back out of performing because of this, good friend “Big S” Barbie Hsu because yesterday she was filming near GTV, also charged to the set during commercial break, giving Xiao Zhu a hug: “Jia You! Stand Up for You! I believe in you!”

There is nothing wrong with trying to make friends online. The media needs to give him a break. Sometimes, people forget that celebrities are humans too. They have their own private life and there's no need to poke your head in there.

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