May 31, 2009

Whose Your Favorite Actress?

I want to make something clear before I continue. This poll is not about who has the best acting skills so please respect other people's opinions.

Thanks everyone for voting! Congrats to Gui Gui for winning Most Favourite Actress. She won by a landslide of votes. On the other hand, Qiao En and Ella had a very fierce battle! Their votes were nearly the same! However, a very dedicated Ella fan managed to click in the final vote just before the poll ended. And Ella leds over Qiao En by a single vote. What a battle~ Hahahaa!

I only have two favourite actresses. No, I lied. I have a lot of favourite actresses but only two of them make it into my TOP TOP Favourite List.

Yepp! Linda Chung! She's currently my second most favourite actress. I came across her first in Virtues of Harmony II. And I loved her storyline with Steven. I didn't watch all of VOH2, just watched all the parts pertaining to their storyline. She and Steven have great onscreen chemistry. I was really happy to see them in their other drama, A Journey Called Life. The themesong they sung together was nice! And I think they're filming another series together too! wooo! The only character that Linda played that I didn't like is Ah Chau in Moonlight Resonance for obvious reasons. They totally OD on those crying scenes. She was practically crying in every single episode that she appeared in! Ah Chau is one very emotional doctor~

Finally! Drum Roll please!! Tada! My most favourite actress! Chen Qiao En! It took her only three dramas to get the top position on my list. Fated to Love You landed her in my favourite list and Ying Ye 3 Jia 1 got her into my top favourite list and Prince Turned into Frog made her top my list. Her acting is very good. She particularly excels at comedy and crying scenes. She has a drama coming up soon on June 7, 2009! Be sure to watch it! And if you haven't watched Fated To Love You,well, what are you waiting for? Hurry and watch it! And also be sure to visit Kiwi's blog for some FTLY moments! Oh~ I forgot to mention that Qiao En is not only an actress, but she is also a singer, a host, and a model! All all rounder!

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