May 03, 2009

Thank You For Voting

Thanks everyone for taking a few seconds to vote! Looking at this chart, it seems like most readers would like to see more of Taiwan Entertainment News, Episode Summaries, and Drama Reviews. Well, now that I know this, I will try to keep this in mind.

Taiwan Entertainment News: Umm, I'm not going to post all the news from Taiwan Entertainment, obviously. I'm only going to post news that are interesting to me or news that I like.

Episode Summaries: Hahaha...I've only done like a few episode summaries for Bull Fighting and that was it. I'll try to do some on shows that I like. Recommendations are accepted but again I'll do this for shows that I enjoy watching. Writing needs passion and passion is gained from enjoyment.

Drama Reviews: I write these every once in a while. I'll try to write more of these...

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