May 08, 2009

Steven Ma: 'I Once Loved Ada Choi'

Credits: , AF News

Steven Ma appeared in court to settle a financial dispute with his former manager, Frankie Fan. Also, Steven is facing a rocky relationship with his girlfriend of 6 years, Hui Wai Ling, who works in the red wine industry.

In a recent interview with Lam Yin Lei, Steven also publicly admitted that he had a crush on Ada Choi while filming “Where the Legend Begins” in 2002. "At the time, I had some emotional disorders. Everyone was trying to harm me and push me, but only Ada was there to support me. Thus I fell in love with her."

In the interview, Steven also announced his intention to marry his girlfriend in the year 2011."We have dated for 6 years. I am 37 years old and she is one year younger than me. However, she looks very young and is very cute. She does not work in the entertainment industry. Our relationship is in a “bottleneck” right now. Perhaps in 2 more years, I want a family and children. I do not believe in divorce."

Several days after the interview, Steven and his girlfriend's relationship seems to have turned sour. He burst into tears while drinking red wine, "It's over! I am tired, very tired!"

Whoa, my jaws just fell off! Wow, I never knew this...nor saw this coming. But is full of surprises, isn't it? hahaha! I hope Steven a full recovery...

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