May 09, 2009

Raymond Lam's Concert - Official Website with Exclusive Updates and Pictures

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The time has finally come.

Raymond Lam has been in the industry for more than 10 years. He started from very humble beginning as an unknown artiste to many to being a popular 'Siu-Sang' today, Raymond is undoubtedly gifted with recognizable talents in acting and singing. After years of hardwork, Raymond will be stepping onto the stage of the Hong Kong Coliseum on June 17 and 18 for his debut concert. Fans, are you all ready?

This being an official website for the concert, will be posting every nitty gritty updates about Raymond, with an aim to allow everyone to share his feelings and anxieties in preparation for the concert. If you have any questions for Raymond, please feel free to leave him a message on the message board whereby we will then forward your questions to him.

Apart from that, we will also be publishing updates and clips of fans showing their support for Raymond. Besides, we will also be posting the latest concert posters and photographs, updates on ticket sales, etc. Please stay tuned for more updates. As his loyal fan, remember to log in to from time to time for more exclusive reports.

TVB Loves This Guy! He was the first to venture into the music industry and did remarkably well. Now he's going to have a concert and TVB gave him his own concert page. TVB loves Raymond.

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