May 25, 2009

A ‘Prey’ to Mosquites and Falling into the Marsh - Blue Lan is afraid to act with Joe Chen Qiao En

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The upcoming drama ‘Easy Fortune Happy Life held its first special book promotion event cum autograph session where Blue Lan, Joe Chen and Roy Chiu were present.

In the drama, Blue Lan and Joe Chen have to do a lot of leg-walk throughout the province and have to fall into the marsh to act. Blue laughing said: ‘I regret accepting this drama and this is also Joe Chen’s opinion.’ Joe Chen however replied that this is not her view as she loves this drama.

The new drama, ‘Easy Fortune Happy Life’ starring Blue Lan, Joe Chen, Roy Chiu and Jocelyn Wang, held its first special book promotion event at ‘Xin Kuang San Yue ’新光三越 where Joe Chen, Blue Lan and Roy Chiu brew ‘zhou tao hua mei yan yao shuo cai’「招桃花美颜腰瘦茶」peach slimming and beauty tea for fans to drink. They invited Taipei Medical University Hospital Director Zhang Jiabei to demonstrate acupuncture to increase body resistance and physical strength.

When Joe Chen saw the Hospital Director demonstrating on Blue Lan, she asked him whether he felt any pain. Blue replied that even if there is pain, he also cannot have any response. Joe Chen remarked that Blue is obsessed by his drama character ‘Yan Da Feng’.

After one month of filming, Blue jokingly said that he hope not to act more scenes with Joe Chen. Joe explained that it is because most of the time, they are in the wilderness and they fall prey to mosquitoes and they need to fall onto the swarm.

The filming crew has to use an excavator to dig a hole in the ground and make a ‘marsh’ for both Joe Chen and Blue Lan to fall in. Blue related that they had to film this scene for 2 days as the first day, they took a long time and the mud has hardened. And they have to continue filming another day. Although the filming crew have prepared warm clothings for them to prevent from the chill, it was still very cold. Joe Chen related that she trembles with fear as there were bubbles coming out of the marsh and it was as though any time, a snake may pop out.

OMG! Someone send me to Taiwannn! I wanna get my copy of this autograph book and posterrr!!! Hahahaa~ so far, I think this has become my most anticipated drama of the year. Blue and Joe suffered a lot while filming this drama. Falling in scenes...mosquito attacks...being an actor/actress is tough. I'll be looking forward towards this drama as well as the BTS! The FTLY BTS were sooo funnnny! This one should be pretty funny too. hahahaha~

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