May 17, 2009

My Queen Ending Cheryl Yang Not to Marry Ethan Ruan

Source: YAM News-Liberty
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[My Queen] big reveal of ending! Early there were rumours that Ethan Ruan (role as Lucas), Cheryl Yang Jing Hua (role as Veronica Shan Wu Shuang) will enter the wedding aisle, but it was actually all a big mix-up, the two are actually the Best Man and Brides Maid of Zhao Zhi Qiang and Lin Mei Xiu wedding, also at the ending Yang Jing Hua will not accept Ethan Ruan’s wedding proposal, causing the viewers to all drop their glasses!

Earlier because Song Xin Ni posted Ethan and Cheryl Yang’s wedding pictures online, it caused a big stir, causing the fans to all assume that was the ending, but that scene was actually the group attending Zhao and Lin’s wedding, also best man brides maid is Ethan and Yang, that’s why there were pictures of them in wedding outfits, also that scene was the final filming for most actors and actresses.

To Marry is No Longer the Goal for My Queen
According to those that have scene the script, in the film Cheryl Yang Jing Hua’s love is for Ethan, even though they’ve gone through happy times, but facing the difference of 8 years; the reality and eyes of the rest, causes the two to have serious conflicts. At final decision Yang temporarily leaves, suddenly again a gas explosion occurs, suffering from serious injuries she is taken by a kind bystander bringing her back to Ethan’s side, having gone through life and death, finally realizes their love for each other is way more than the reality, so they decide to throw everything to be together.

But for the full ending, it goes back to the original drama name [My Queen]’s purpose, at the end even though Ethan constantly proposes, but Yang realizes that marriage is no longer her only goal in life, so at the end she declines to marry him. And chooses to continue the worthy of the name of [My Queen].

Ending Exposed Drama Director Surprised
Reporters called SANLI’s drama director Chen Yu Shan; at first she was surprised to say, “How did you know all the details!” Then says the drama’s purpose is actually to let females know that marriage is not the only conclusion to be recognized, either to be [My Queen] or not, happiness is the most important, if the whole drama at the end goes back to marriage then that’s too old fashion, hope everyone watches the final ending, will be able to realize that women should abandon the eye of the world and to live for herself, she also said [My Queen] will be broadcasting its final episode on May 31.

Whoa! What a surprising ending with a powerful meaning! Times have changed; marriage aint what it used to be. Divorce which used to be forbidden has increased in the present time. People are getting married then divorced then married then divorced. It makes us question the true value of marriage. Does marriage really equate to "happily ever after"? Apparently, "My Queen" doesn't think so, neither do I.


  1. oh too bad. i am badly in love with the couple...but actually it's a good ending too. the main goal of the story is really being shown to viewers. thanks for the info!

  2. no problem~ this show was pretty good~