May 04, 2009

[My Queen] Cheryl Yang is a Runaway Bride?

Source: UDN
Translated by Cmiley @
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Cheryl Yang wearing wedding dress runs across the road, running from Taipei, Taichung 4 places, on the way most people had no idea who she was running to marry; Ethan Ruan or Wen Sheng Hao, but would loudly yell encouragements: [Shan Wu Shuang, Jia You!] temporarily forgetting about the pain from running barefoot on the hot road.

There were also some who thought Chery running like that, could it be that she’s a runaway bride, its actually [My Queen’s] scene about her, Jessica Song Xin Ni and Chen Wei Min getting a ride to her wedding with Wen Sheng Hao, on the way because the pregant Jessica Song had a stomach ache, Cheryl offered her wedding vehicle, so herself she ran to the scene of the wedding.

In order to enhance the effect, Cheryl originally suggested to the director, she could run on top of the car, but was worried it might cause an accident, and would be in violation of traffic rules, so at the end finally had to give up. The filming locations were throughout the Chunghsiao East Road, Dunhua South Road, Taichung, as well as other places Wushe, so for a week-long run Cheryl was dressed in wedding running all around, for her it is a very memorable experience.

I was just watching this scene when I came across this news!
Too bad she ran barefoot to the church only to find out that the wedding was cancelled. She could have walked there and the result would have been the same except the senior would have to just wait a bit longer. Hahaha! From the looks of it, the drama is going towards a Lucas-Wu Shang ending.

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