May 20, 2009

Love Buffet/Parfait Tic Tac Confirmed

Pic from AF Parfait Tic Thread

So it's pretty much confirmed that Arron and Calvin are going to be the male leads for this show. Calvin will be playing Daiya Shinpo. And this is what wikipedia says about his character, "A happy-go-lucky playboy. Not very academic, but wins everyone's heart with his open character. Used to date many girls at the same time, but stopped doing that after he had to reject Fuuko. Sometimes gives surprise performances as a singer in a two-man band, "The F brothers" with Issochi."

Interestingly, Calvin's hair matches with the cartoon guy's hair. This character matches well with Calvin's image, sunshine boy. This is also Calvin's first time in a lead role! Wooo! Wish him the best of luck! Looking forward to his performance!

Pic from AF Parfait Tic Thread

Arron's going to be Ichi Shinpo, Daiya's cousin. Let's see what wikipedia says about him. "The cold and quiet love interest. Class President and ranks first on school tests, but rather shy and comes across as a haughty guy. Actually very caring once you get to know him. Works part-time in a restaurant. Not good at household chores. Really bad at drawing. Scared of dogs and haunted houses. He is very quiet but seems to be different when near or around Fuuko."

Hey look! Arron's hair matches with the cartoon guy's hair too! To be honest, I'm at little mad at Arron. Am I still a fan? Yes, of course but I'm also mad at him right now. Earlier he assurred us that he would still be the male lead in THAWD and this lead many to assume that he's going to continue to film THAWD. But now...all has change. The fate of THAWD remains unknown. Is Jiro taking over this or will Arron film this at a later time or is this going into the garbage? But whatever, I'll still look forward to see Arron's performance in this drama. His character reminds me a bit of 007 from Pi Li MIT though.

Pic from AF Parfait Tic Thread and Anime Manga Telefilm Forum

This is Qiao Qiao or Joanne Zeng. She's the female lead and will be playing Fuuko Kameyama. Here's what wikipedia said about her character, "[Fuuko Kameyama]Is the upbeat main character. She likes playing with little children and hairstyling. Wears her own hair in unusual and complicated styles. She does feel insecure about her looks, especially when being compared to Daiya and Ichi. Had to take swimming lessons from Ichi in order to pass P.E."


  1. what's the story about??can't wait for this...bty what's the name of the girl lead in this drama??

  2. The story mainly surrounds the love triangle that evolves between the three lead characters: Daiya, Fuuko, and Ichi. The story begins when the two cousins (Daiya and Ichi) move into Fuuko's apartment complex. She eventually develops a crush on Daiya, and is pressured into telling him her feelings; he rejects her. This pretty much sets the rest of the story into motion! It's a great manga--not the typical love triangle, you honestly have no idea who Fuuko's going to end up with until the end. =]