May 01, 2009

“Just Want to Depend on You” – Jerry Yan, Ella just like Family

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“Just Want to Depend on You” – Jerry Yan, Ella just like Family

New pairing in idol serial – “Just” held its press conference this afternoon.
The biggest topic is none other than Idol Serial First Male Lead – Jerry Yan & Viewer Ratings' Queen Ella’s collaboration.
The serial will also include Michael Zhang Xun Jie, Xiao Xian, Amanda Zhou Xiao Han and Gu Baoming etc.

The storyline is akin to a modern-Cinderella fairy tale. Scenes will filmed in beautiful Taiwan, and picturesque Hangzhou, China. In the serial, Jerry will play a lethal-tongued lawyer, who is not only eloquent but also sharp with his speech. Jerry shared that he had specially attended lessons in preparation for this serial. In the drama, Ella who would be mistaken as a lesbian, shared, “The script is very interesting and funny. I like it the moment I read about it.’

The first collaboration between the heavenly king and queen, leaves everyone speculating about the sparks onscreen. When probed by journalists on “Having worked with many heavenly kinds, how do you feel collaborating with Yan Shuai this time?” In response, Ella replied wittily and joked, “This in my ‘debut’ collaboration with a heavenly king. The co-stars whom I filmed with before, became heavenly kings after our collaborations!” Her bubbly and humorous disposition warmed the atmosphere; meanwhile Jerry also praised Ella for being very adorable and forthright.

Flashlights were snapping non-stop during the press conference and there was the lively Xiao Xiao Bin, who was not camera-shy, and this made Jerry beamed even brighter. When Jerry, Ella and the 2 adorable kids were requested for a photo-shoot, Ella just carried Xiao Xiao Bin. The 4 of them resembled a family in harmony.

After the event, the cast got together to jointly ring the bell symbolising bliss, to wish for a smooth filming ahead; in anticipation of creating the next Asian Chinese idol serial fairy tale.

Whoaaa! This is like a totally different Jerry. He's seems to be more relax and's all due to Ella's hyper personality! Hahahahahaaa~ And ooo, I see Amanda Zhou is going to be in this show too! That's awesome~I saw her in 18 Censor or Not and The Legend of the Brown Sugar Chrivilaries.

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