May 21, 2009

Joe Chen brings her cats to see the vet; Has plans for movies

Source: LibertyTimes
Translation by minivicki @

Both career and love has been sweet for Joe Chen recently and the devoted cat lover allocated time to bring her 2 darling cats to see the vet a few days ago. Joe glowed with motherly love as she placed her cats in a trolley. It is said that this idol drama big sister is currently making plans to leap onto the big screen and the role of a female warrior interests her the most. She could be transforming into the Taiwan version of Yu Jiao Rong and showing off her kicks!

Brings her cats to see the vet; As caring and sweet as a mother

Joe Chen and Australian boyfriend Michael has a stable 3 years relationship and she is busy filming SETTV new drama "Easy Fortune Happy Life" recently. Her schedule is thus fully packed. On the 18 though, reporters spotted Joe Chen taking time out to bring her 2 male cats to see the vet. She was pushing a trolley specially for cats. For a while, she was mistaken to have had a baby already.

Treating her cats like her own children, when she handed them to the vet, she also seriously penned down the important points raised by the vet and often exchanged opinions with the vet. While waiting for their turn, she was even more like a mother, smiling at the cats in the trolley and talking to them.

Planning to enter the big screen; Challenging the warrior role

Through "Fated to Love You", Joe Chen secured her idol drama big sister position and recently, there have been rumors of her planning to move onto the big screen. There are numerous movie role invitations from Mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan and that includes both student roles and female warriors. As to when she will really act in a movie? Joe's manager Li Shi Xiang expressed that it has not been finalised yet so she will not talk about it. However, she did reveal that Joe has always been incline to jumping out of the nice, obedient girl role and is very interested in a warrior role.

Hahahahaaa~ from Sticky Note to Warrior Girl! Wooo! Wish her the best of luck! Easy Fortune Happy Life comes out on June 7th!!!!

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