May 28, 2009

Joe Chen, Blue Lan undergoes "Love Test"; Two months of filming has made them good friends

Source: Baidu
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TTV and SETTV idol drama "Easy Fortune Happy Life" held a "Easy Fortune Happy Life" love research press conference yesterday (May 27). The survey result showed that Blue Lan is actually more like the optimistic "Xie Fu An" than Joe Chen! Blue started exclaiming that "It's quite accurate". Joe also said that "In the drama, I'm the herb girl while he's the carnivore male. It's the opposite outside the drama though." Blue also praised her saying "Your acting is good. Your actual character is very different from the drama character."

Accepted "Love Research"

"Easy Fortune Happy Life" had a 20, 000 netizen love research in Taiwan and mainland. Yesterday, during the specially held press conference, they had Blue and Joe taking the survey too. For example, a question of "If you wake up to find yourself suddenly having 80 billion worth of property, what will you do?" had Joe Chen choosing "Will not tell anyone. Silently, secretly be a rich person." She laughed and said "The best would be to find a reason to withdraw from the entertainment industry and hide overseas to live." And for question "When you find that your partner is one who does things only for his personal gain, what will you do?" Blue chose "Feel that myself is extremely unlucky, let nature take its course but will have a love that cannot be broken." He said that "Because I've fallen in love already. Most importantly is that I'm being myself." Joe however chose "Immediately break up." which is the same as many mainland netizens. However, Taiwan netizens had 50% choosing "Will try hard to help him, believe in him and let him start over again." Additionally for "What will you do for the sake of marrying into the rich?" Joe chose "Let fate take its course and not force things. The important thing is not in whether you're rich." She explained that "I can earn money by myself. I don't want to rely on others to live." Blue on the other hand chose "Will use some techniques but will not change his own character." As to what techniques? Blue laughingly said "Let the other party have some surprises in her life. Giving her gifts every so often!"
The end result of this test showed that Blue is more similar to the character "Xie Fu An" then Joe. Blue told her that "Your acting is good. Your actual character is very different from the drama character."

Filming for two months has made them good friends

Filming has taken place for nearly two months already and the two of them are having "close interactions". Blue said that "Before filming, I will often silently think and move into the drama character. So when Joe arrives, I will try to move to a corner and not let my eyes catch hers because chatting will take up some time." Joe laughed that "I feel that there should be no stress when filming so when I arrive at the scene, I'll start searching for Blue to chat to him and make him laugh."

So "blissfulness" to them is what? Blue answered "Traveling probably. I want to go Tibet to daydream." Joe at the side started to criticise "You're often daydreaming here too! Why go Tibet?" Blue then seriously replied "Its different. The feeling is very different." Joe then cheekily concluded "I'll give you my blessing in being able to go Tibet to daydream soon!"

Hahahaha~~what a funny article! I like to go traveling too but my reason is completely different from Blue's! He's wants to travel to daydream! I want to travel to see the ever changing nature (as well as a chance to bump into Arron~). Hahahahaha~

I would choose the same answer as Joe. If I suddenly had 80 billion worth of property, I will not tell anyone and secretly be a rich person. Hahaha~ I'll just be treating everyone to parfait. Or better yet, open up a parfait shop!

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