May 27, 2009

Jiro Wang Sells Bodybuilding Dark Glowing Body Attracts

Source: Liberty Times
Translated by Cmiley @
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[Da Dong] Jiro Wang showed his chest and 6 abs for the health magazine “Men’s Body”, but behind this sunshine image, there is a sad past; production of a record was cut, filming stopped, luckily Ariel Lin was there at the right time to encourage him, adding his will power, he has the success of today.

Ariel Lin Encouragement - Remain committed to the road of entertainment industry

Jiro giving people an happy image, in the past he liked to be autistic, silent in his own sorrowful world, as an only child and son, during high school days he should be enjoying the young life, but Da Dong had to switch shift with his mother at the hospital after school, taking care of his father that’s in the hospital because of diabetes, during the night of the earthquake 921, after returning home from the hospital, he was afraid to be alone so he slept over at a friends place, but seeing the happy scene of his friend’s family, he just wanted to leave and hide away, returning to the blacked out building, because he told himself: “This is my real home, must face the reality, can’t hide away!”
After his father passed away, Da Dong carried the work responsibilities, originally he was looking everywhere for work, but because of fate he entered the entertainment industry, during filming of “It Started with a Kiss”, Da Dong went through stopping of filming, he said at that time Ariel said “If your bones have not gone through cold, how can you smell the scent of the cherry blossoms” to encourage him, adding his persistence, he has the success of today.

Fahrenheit member – Has learnt different benefits

Of course Da Dong has also learnt a lot from the other Fahrenheit members, he said Wu Chun is a businessman character letting him remember he must always think carefully, seeing Calvin’s optimistic way, he reminds himself to accept the situation and move on, as for the youngest Aaron, makes him experience to be a bit more impulsive, then maybe the different outcome would be surprising.

With singing and acting with pretty good achievements, Da Dong is working hard towards the silver screen, “Even though singing is still my love, but after starting to act, it does become addictive!” But Da Dong hopes in the future to try evil characters to let the audience to accept his acting skills.

WHOOAAAAAAA~ JIRO! Looks like he's been going under some secret training! Niceee!


  1. Wow! Jiro's been working out!

  2. Da Dong , Jiayou ! Will always support you all the way . Love you always :D

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