May 22, 2009

Jiro and Cyandi in THAWD

Some fans saw on Director Winnie's website

[公告] 维尼新戏 桃花爱无敌
[Notice]Winnie's new drama, Tao Hua Ai Wu Di

Winnie's new drama is already confirmed

是八大的新戏 桃花爱无敌
it is GTV's new drama, Tao Hua Ai Wu Di

不过好像更名为 桃花桃花我爱你
But now it is already called Tao Hua Tao Hua Wo Ai Ni
(Tao Hua Tao Hua i love you)

Actors changed to Cyndi Wang and Da Dong.

Credit: piggyval
@ AF

Wow...what a drama! The filming process for this drama is a drama itself. I'm not angry or mad at Arron anymore. Life is like a racetrack full of twists and turns. Insteading of dwelling in the past, look forward towards the future because that's what we can change. So enough philosophy and getting on with this drama. I don't know if I want to watch this drama anymore. First, Jiro...I tried to watch some of his dramas but I mostly end up dreading it. I liked his character in Hana Kimi, and he did pretty well in that drama. His character was so likable and he had a lot of funny expressions. Hahaha! But as for his other dramas, Rolling Love and Together... not too good, I'm afraid. The storyline for both drama wasn't that awesome. I like Jiro more in KO One and The X-Family. Those were good.

And Cyandi Wang. I know she's a singer and an actress. Never saw any of her dramas before. Dun know if I will, probably not though.

Whatever~I'll give this drama a chance and hopefully, it will be good.


  1. this makes me so sad, I wanted to see aaron does another drama with gui gui. Actually I more worried for her, hopefully they're working on getting her out on her own

  2. Hey there,
    if you didn't really like Jiro's dramas, then take a risk and try watching Jiro's drama "Superstar Express"...I think it's his best.
    He's very handsome, sexy, funny, cute and very very likeable in this one.

    You should absolutly watch's so lovely.

    And for this new drama...I'm looking forward to it, too, because I think Jiro is a really great actor.

    And Yalun has another drama with Calvin and I think that will be great, too. :)

  3. Victorious Beautiful: haha~ same here. I feel a little more disappointed than sad tho. Waiting almost a year for another guilun drama only to have this dream shattered like that. Someone needs to step out and clear everything up. Hopefully, Gui Gui gets a new drama.

    Anonymous: first, thanks for your recommendation but I've already watched this show. Even though Jiro is good eye-candy, the storyline is pretty weak. I'm gonna be watching both jiro's drama and calvin and yalun's too. I'm actually looking more forward to calvin's drama since it's his first time taking the lead role.

  4. hey have you watch Smiling Pasta - u should watch it - its kinda nice