May 02, 2009

Gui Gui leaves Hey Girl; enjoys luxurious $44,000 hotel room

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GuiGui Stayed at Hotel with a Huge Bathroom

After Gui Gui went solo, she experiences the advantages of being alone. A few days ago, Gui Gui went to Guang Zhou to promote Pi Li MIT. She enjoys being able to stay at a $44,000/night hotel, making her really happy. Since Hey Girl had 8 people, their budget was low. Even the make-up artist had a better room then them. "The make-up artist had to help all 8 of us, so she got a bigger room", Gui Gui says.

Loves George Hu

Since Gui Gui's contract expired, she decided to leave Hey Girl and go solo. "I'm worried and not sure if this decision was correct" she says. But after going to Guang Zhou and realizing her popularity there as well, she feels much better about her choice.

When Gui Gui was still in Hey Girl, the transportation and accomadation was not as good. They would have to be in Economy class on the airplane and share rooms with another person. This time Ba Da arranged Gui Gui to be in Business class, and stay at a five star hotel. Gui Gui happily says "This is the biggest room I've ever stayed in!" Gui Gui have once had rumors with Arron Yan after MIT. But recently, she fell in love with George Hu after watching ToGetHer. "He's really good looking!" she says.

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