May 16, 2009

FTLY BTS Water Scenes

Credit: a897950@youtube

Poor male lead. Getting drenched in water over and over again but it's totally worth it because the outcome is H.I.L.A.R.I.O.U.S.

Miscellaneous Scene: This scene is about Chen Xin Yi arriving at Ginger Island only to see her mom and two sisters, along with other people, making silly poses. How often are you greeted like this when you arrive home? Hahahaa! Kudos to the director for such silliness! FTLY Director = Comedy Drama King!

Water Scene 1: This is one of those scenes used to show how handsome and manly the guy is. Jumping so many times into the pool, and swimming continously (butterfly stroke is a very tiring swimming style), for a 3 minute scene. It probably took them an hour or so to get all those shots and then the actual scene is only a few minutes. Acting is hard.

Water Scene 2: Hahaha! Qiao En kept teasing Ethan in the beginning and he wanted to run away~ because in this scene, Ethan needs to "accidently" fall backwards into the cold water! BUT that's not the end of it. After he falls in, the boat speeds up and he has to swim after the boat. And meanwhile, onboard the boat, Anson and Qiao En are just laughing at him and Qiao En even took out her camera to record this funny scene! Guess what she says next! She's like Ethan is so funny, maybe next time we can have him jump off a building, it'll be really funny. [She doesn't literally mean jumping off a building is funny. She's just being sarcastic here.] And all this time, Ethan is still swimming after the boat which is now far far awayyy. hahaha~

Fail Booby Trap Scene: One would typically find this scene in those hero vs. bad guy movies. The bad guy has something that the hero wants and arranges the hero to meet in an undisclosed location where booby traps are set up to destroy the hero. FTLY director takes this "dangerous" scene and turns it into a laughing stock! Bad things come to those with bad hearts. And indeed, the guy who set up those traps got a taste of his own medicine which includes getting hit in the face with a bag filled with flour(?), getting his fingers snapped in a mouse trap (don't try this at home, cuz it really hurts. A LOT), and finally falling off the second floor. Hahaha~ this scene is so kusooo!

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