May 05, 2009

Filming millionaire preview; Blue Lan is so nervous that he wants to murder Joe Chen

Source: Nownews
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Idol drama "Easy Fortune Happy Life" recently smashed millions to film a "Local Dog Millionaire" preview. Joe Chen said that "Just from this millionaire preview, you can see our devotion to this drama. This is a first for Taiwan idol dramas too." Blue on the otherhand was very nervous and worried. He said that "This is the biggest challenge for me since I started acting because I'm acting as a host and I'm worried that my speech isn't clear enough."

"Easy Fortune Happy Life" that involves Blue Lan, Joe Chen, Roy Chiu, Dong Zhi Cheng, Ding Qiang and Joycelyn Wang etc has just started filming and earlier on, the production team specially spent millions to film the "Local Dog Millionaire" preview. The whole preview is directed by a new director that won SETTV's "I'm at no. 159" competition. In this preview, Blue takes on the role of the host while Joe is the contestant. She will even have a call out for help. Joe laughed and declared that "The person I call out to could just be someone beside you!"

For the sake of filming this preview, the production team also invited Blue and Joe's fans to be the audience. Blue revealed that "When I first received this script, I was quite worried as being the host means that I need to speak with great clarity. Acting and hosting has different tempo as well. I kept telling myself that this is not acting. I must become a host."

As the preview script is 6 pages long, they took almost 10 hours to film it and in the filming process, seeing that Blue was very nervous, Joe tried her best to make him laugh. Joe said that "To help him relax, I kept fooling around but Blue's good. He's quite able to remain unaffected." Blue who was standing beside her then joked that "The dialogues in the script are all mostly mine. Joe only has to make little noises like "En" "Ah" or just give a number; Seeing how relax she is make me almost want to do a "Da Feng" and angrily murder her."

This preview is estimated to have a 10 second version released this weekend while the full version will be aired after "My Queen"'s ending episode.

Note: In another news, SETTV gave credits to "Slumdog Millionaire" for the "Local Dog Millionaire" idea.
Also, Da Feng is Blue's character's name.

CHEN QIAO EN!!! I can't wait for this show to come out!!! I heard from somewhere that this drama is airing after My Queen and that'll probably be at the end of May! Ah~ I wish I was in Taiwan right now, I could go visit the filming place and be part of the audience and get to see Qiao En! AHH~lucky Taiwan fans~ hahahaa~ Blue and Qiao En seem to be keeping along fine, looks like the ice has already been broken. hahaha~

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