May 08, 2009

Easy Fortune Happy Life News

OMG! I love the AF Forum. They have so much good information there on upcoming dramas and everything. Easy Fortune Happy Life (EFHL) is a Taiwanese drama that just started filming a few days ago and is expected to air at the end of this month! Chen Qiao En stars in this show as a village girl. Ahh~ I'm so excited to watch her onscreen again! I finished watching her old dramas and now I'm highly anticipating this one! Wooo!

The following information if from EFHL AF Thread:

Joe Chen as Xie Fu An
Translation by minivicki @

She's a wild girl that grew up in the mountains. Following her grandma Huang Chun Xiang's wishes, Fu An moved into the Yan Family's mansion to live. At first, she thought that she will be a lucky sparrow that turns into the phoenix but she unexpectedly discovered an ugly conspiracy that took place 50 years ago...

Fu An is an easygoing, full of justice girl that's always willing to lend a helping hand to others and is good at fighting. She's contented with living a poor, sometimes short of money life with her family. After her grandma passed away, raising her brother Pi Dan and rebuilding the family's old house that was burnt down became her motivation in life.

Fu An grew up in the mountainside and her parents passed away early, leaving her, Pi Dan and her grandma to depend on each other. They led a poor but happy life. Although they live in a old wooden hut that will leak when it rain and the cold wind isn't blocked when there's cold spells passing through, they are able to be contented with their life and find joy among the bad.

She truly believes that by her own hard work, she will be able to save enough money to repair the old hut so that her family can lead a more comfortable life.

From young, her grandma Chun Xiang has passed down her knowledge of the herbs to her and everyday, she will go up the mountain to pick the herbs and then sell them at the market and hospital. It was her family's main source of income.

The first sentence makes her sound like Tarzan. Hahaha~ but what's this conspiracy they're talking about? Interesting...ahhh~ I want to watch this drama already!!!

Blue Lan as Yan Da Feng
Translation by minivicki @

The director of Ba Bao Tang’s research and development department; Grandson of Yan Yun Gao; Resembles Yun Gao in both looks and personality.

He is very much like a utilitarian, clear about his love and hate, eager and takes initiative, confident and conceited. Like a cheetah, when he sees his prey, he will grab onto them and not let go.

Da Feng’s motto in life is “Those who don’t work hard won’t have a tomorrow; sacrificing your values and conscience is also a form of hard work!”

A “careerist”, he can do anything to achieve his goals.

Being the eldest grandson in the family, Da Feng grew up under Yun Gao’s “Metal Education” training and was heavily influenced by Yun Gao to be self-centered, harsh and direct in his work. He places great emphasis on efficiency and believes that if there is a wise method to solve everything, being sentimental will just be a burden. Faced with competitors, he can kill without the blink of an eye; faced with the senior staffs making mistakes, he can fire them without a second thought. His style of “Not used by me means being the enemy” causes many in the business world to term him as “cold blooded wind”

Da Feng’s huge ambition makes him eager and impulsive when faced with both matters and humans and his grandfather’s Ba Bao Tang Enterprise is something he is determine to get. He arrogantly believes that the pupil surpasses the master and he will one day be able to replace Yun Gao. He has prepared for many years to take over and has never stopped working towards the goal. All he is waiting for is for Yun Gao to step away……

Darn...he sounds like a scary could village girl fall for this monsterr? hahahahaa~

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