May 27, 2009

Easy Fortune Happy Life burns thousands by playing with fire; Blue Lan saves the lady while Joe screams for help

Source: LibertyTimes
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When Jam Hsiao burned a piano at a public location while filming an MV, he attracted the attention of environmentalist and a fine was dealt to him. With this previous example, when SETTV and TTV's idol drama "Easy Fortune Happy Life" wanted to film a scene of a burning house, they didn't dare to destroy any of the artifects in San Di Men. Instead, the crew spent thousands of dollars to rent a land in Yi Lan and rebuilt a wooden house there. After which, they burnt it down.
At the end of filming, though female lead Joe Chen was not burnt at all, she had bruises all over her body.

Blue Lan joked of being too engrossed in acting, used too much strength

Joe Chen's drama family house had a fire and she wanted to risk her own life to save her Grandma that was inside the fire. However, due to the big fire, Blue Lan tried to restrain her by hugging her tightly. Joe said that "Blue's strength is really big. I couldn't even take a single step, let alone pretending to dash into the fire." Being the type of "easily injured women", when Joe finished filming, her elbow and hands all had bruises and she purposely showed them to Blue Lan. Blue however replied in his Blue humor way "If it wasn't for me, you would have dashed into the fire already. I couldn't stand aside and not save you right!"

When Blue was filming "Blazing Courage" in the past, there was an actor in the team that really met a fire and died. This time, faced with a fire scene again, that incident came up in his mind again. He said that "I was too into the character and really wanted to stop Joe from rushing into the fire so I used too much strength. I feel really apologetic to her." The two of them even fell onto the floor during the drama due to them being too engross inside the scene.

Cameos worked too hard; Many NGs when filming

Originally, director Liu Jun Jie planned for Joe to dash into the fire twice and then gets stopped by Blue Lan but during the actual filming, there were many NGs. Blue explained that "The fire was big and those cameos acting as villagers were all working very hard in putting out the fire. In the end, the fire was really extinguished by them." To successfully film this scene took numerous try-outs and 3 actual filming.

The two built up friendship due to mishaps

As Joe's character is someone that lives in the mountain and is an expert with herbs, since the start of filming, they have been going on the route of a "National Park". Both Joe and Blue were originally seen as difficult and possibly unable to get along due to their personalities. However, although filming was tough, it caused them to build up a friendship slowly already. Blue even praised Joe to his friends privately, saying that she is a "good person!"

Wa se! I am getting even more excited to watch this drama! These two are getting along just fine. No worries about ice breakers or not getting along. Qiao En's sunshine smile is enough to melt the ice! Hahahaaa~

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