May 16, 2009

Cover Story – Being criticized as arrogant Chen Qiao En chooses to forget

Chen Qiao En with co-star Blue Lan. In the drama she dressed very plainly, a big contrast to her sense of fashion in real life.

Source: Chinatimes
Translated by meosles @

Being popular attracts unwanted attention. Chen Qiao En rose to fame with last year’s “Fated To Love You” and also became visible in the fashion circle. When filming her new drama “Easy Fortune Happy Life”, the media reports that she changes the script, is uncooperative, protects her D-cup and refuses to let Blue Lan touch it and called arrogant. She said helplessly: “That is the saddest news I have ever read ever since I started out eight years ago.”

Can’t change the environment, can only change mindset

She is seriously about work and will take responsibility for her performance. Being misunderstood as uncooperative makes her feel bad “I worked so hard but was still used as a tool to stir up news. In the beginning I was really upset but half an hour later I have put it behind me. After a night’s sleep I forgot about it.” Her philosophy is “Being forgetful is a skill. I can’t change my environment but what I can change is my thinking and mentality.”

Difficulty in recognizing people, being misunderstood as arrogant

Chen Qiao En plays a simple girl in “Fated”. In “Easy Fortune” she is a happy-go-lucky, principled and easily contented village girl. But in real life, she is the type that is slow to warm up to others, and when she is not smiling most of the time her thoughts are in the clouds. She has difficulty in remembering names and faces. In matters that she is not interested in, she will not make conversations about it and will not take the initiative to chat to people. Even if she had chatted, she will forget about it. If you don’t understand her, it’s easy to misunderstand her as being arrogant.

“I had difficulties when I first started out, when I meet people I have to call them big brother or big sister. Now I am thirty years old and no longer a twenty something young girl. It’s no longer suitable for me to call people big brother or big sister.” She did not speak more than ten words to the make-up artist who had worked with her for ten years and it was only recently when they went to Hong Kong for promotion together that they became more familiar. Many times when people greet her, she can’t remember them and can only ask the staff after that “Who are he?” She is afraid of meeting people who likes to talk, “My job is already an actor, after acting I do not wish to continue talking.”

Screw you, Media! Qiao En is definitely NOT an arrogant person. What the hell is wrong with the media! Protecting oneself is called arrogrant....that's BULLSH*T! SERIOUS BULLSH*T! Whoever called her arrogrant for not letting Blue to touch her chest is a PERVERT! And calling her uncooperative too...BULL!

And people take time to warm up to others. Some people click in just a few minutes and some take a while. If you watched the FTLY BTS videos, you'll see the Qiao En has really a good relationship with the cast and everyone. She's not a cold or arrogrant person as described by the media... AND one last thing: STOP USING HER AS A TOOL TO STIR UP NEWS! SHE'S A HUMAN TOO!

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