May 01, 2009

Blue Lan turns villainous in new drama; Joe Chen determined in rejecting the touching of breast

Source: WangYi
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Yesterday, "Easy Fortune Happy Life" held it's start of filming ceremony in Da Han's Tung Flower Forest. The main cast Blue Lan, Joe Chen, Roy Chiu, Jocelyn Wang, Dong Zhi Ceng, Xiu Jie Kai all showed up. Joe Chen explained that "As the story's background develops from the Tung Flower Forest, we decided to specially hold the opening ceremony at Da Han now where the Tung Flowers are all blooming."

Blue Lan acting as a villain, very powerful

In this drama, Blue Lan will be acting the bad guy who will do anything to achieve his own goals. Blue said that "I'm abit unfamiliar with acting as the bad guy. It's hard to imagine that such acrimonious, harsh words can be said by anyone!" Joe who will act with him commented that "Blue looks very polite but when he's acting, he can be "very powerful!" There was a scene where I saved his grandpa but he got mad and grabbed me. He had so much strength. I felt that I was going to be thrown to America."

Male and Female lead to have intimate scenes

There is a scene where Blue's character Yan Da Feng and Joe's character Xie Fu An will fall into the marsh and to prevent themselves from sinking further, they couldn't move. However, Da Feng's hands will accidentally be touching her breast. Blue said that "When filming the movie "Falling... In Love", I already had a passionate bed scene. For idol dramas, the television company has to keep to certain limits so I'm not that worried." Joe on the otherhand remained conservative "We will probably be sunk all the way up to our neck for this scene. As to how intimate me and Blue will get, that will be based on the director's arrangement."

YAY! More news on Qiao En's drama!

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