May 19, 2009

Blue Lan and Joe Chen goes around the whole Taiwan; Help boost tourist attractions

Source: CDNS
Translation by minivicki @

TTV and SETTV's idol drama "Easy Fortune Happy Life"'s leads Blue Lan and Joe Chen made use of their free time from drama filming to practice at a chinese medicine clinic! Due to the H1N1 virus and their filming business, chinese practitioner Wu Ming Zhu specially mixed some herbs that could help increase their immunity and boost their energy level. The two of them also revealed their ways of keeping healthy. Blue said that "I'll often exercise and drink Puerh Tea to keep healthy." Joe on the other hand consumes Vitamins and Oriyen to help replenish the lost nutrient. She also added that "I'm thinking of playing badminton to help build up my strength."

"Easy Fortune Happy Life" will premiere on June 7 and since the 10 second preview was aired last week, a lot of netizens have already responded positively. Blue's role as a host in the preview intrigued most people and got them anticipating the full preview. Blue commented that "I was actually quite nervous that day when filming. And there's quite a lot of dialogue so I spent alot of time preparing myself; The full preview will air after 'My Queen' so please do look forward to it."

In this drama, Joe acts as a girl that's very knowledgble when it comes to herb while Blue has the highest chance of being the successor to a medicinal enterprise. Thus it was arranged for the two to specially go to a chinese medicine clinic to practice. Due to filming, Joe could already easily name near 10 different type of chinese herbs. However, she has difficulty matching the actual herbs to their names. Recently, the two have been traveling across the whole of Taiwan too. Blue said that "Our filming locations can be as North as JiouFen and as South as PingTung. Other places such as HsinChu, TaiChung, KaoHsiung and YiLan has our traces too. We hope that through the drama promotion, we will be able to help boost Taiwan's tourist industry.

In the drama, Blue Lan will go to extreme means to achieve his aims and often bullies Joe Chen. Thus she said that "His expressions really look very much like a baddie." Blue laughed and said that "I feel that I'm starting to turn evil too. Recently when showering, I felt that I'm becoming evil and my eyes are getting smaller. The stuff I say are getting more sarcastic too, just like Yan Da Feng in the drama."

Good choice! Playing badminton to build strength! Talking about badminton, I'haven't played for a while nowwww. I miss it sooo much! Time to search for those birdies, I remember putting them somewhere in the closet~ Hahahahaha

Woo! EFHL's coming out on June 7! That's around 3 more weeks! hahaha~ Blue is funny at the end. "
Recently when showering, I felt that I'm becoming evil" hahaha! the wonders of showers.

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