May 21, 2009

Arron Yan, Calvin Chen and Qiaoqiao taste the together

Source: UDN
Translated by: HAZEL @

The new idol drama , adapted from Nagamu Nanaji’s manga , held its opening ceremony today with much fanfare. Fahrenheit’s Arron Yan and Calvin Chen will play both male leads, Da Ye and A-yi, while Joanne Tseng (Qiaoqiao), who has not had any new projects recently, will take on the role of the female lead, Xiaofeng.

Also in this drama is Singaporean singer Derrick Hoh, who will be in his first acting role, while sweetheart Tracy Chou will play the role of Qiuying, the senior, and Li-er, a newbie actress, will be acting as Xiaosen.

First love is often akin to parfait: sweet, sour, bitter and spicy all at the same time. An ice crusher was specially prepared for the opening ceremony, so that the cast could experience this unique flavour. Qiaoqiao’s character, Xiaofeng, is sandwiched between the two outstanding cousins in the show.

When asked on how she would portray this love triangle, and who she would choose in reality, Qiaoqiao’s answer was straightforward: “It’s impossible for 2 such guys to move in upstairs in real life.” If she really had to choose, it would be very hard indeed.

Calvin, who is playing Da Ye, said, “His cheerfulness, young age and exuberance are traits that I share… it’s the playboy part that’s harder for me to portray.” This drew loud shrieks from the fans present. He also commented that this is his first acting project in a long time, so he is exceptionally excited, and he will do his best to play this character well.

On the other hand, Arron Yan who plays A-yi, hopes for a great start to this new drama. He even remarked that his character is one that brings oxygen to Qiaoqiao’s role, Xiaofeng.

A refreshing new cast, along with the adaptation of a well-known shoujo manga, this drama is one to anticipate.

Parfait !!!

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