May 18, 2009

Arron Yan and Calvin Chen breakthrough, idol drama with both as male lead

source : Liberty Times
translation by elvenstar87 @

Wu Chun has switched to the big screen to develop, Jiro Wang's ratings are out of control, Fahrenheit's eldest brother and second brother have temporaily stopped filming idol dramas. Arron Yan, Calvin Chen breakthrough in the big upcoming drama [parfait tic] both as male leads. While the female lead in the drama has been changed from Selina to [Qiao Qiao] Joanne Tseng as a replacement

Adapted from a Japanese Manga [parfait tic], originally Selina, Mike He and Jiro Wang were selected, but once the male and female lead list came out, the Mike, Jiro and Selina grouping changed to Joanne , Calvin and Arron. Forming the new combination of the 2 males fighting for the girl. The producer ah Ken said :[ because the previous people selected had busy schedules, there was no way to cooperate, so we had to find other suitable people.], He is also unwilling to start the official shoot on the 20th until they have discussed it further

Although the production team are unwilling to clarify, the present 3 leads have already been confirmed. As the Manga is based on senior high school students, and dramas about the innocent love of high school students are not well recieved, and in addition the 3 lead, apart from the 20 yr old Joanne Tseng who is the closest in age of a senior high school student. Calvin Chen and Arron Yan playing university students would be more fitting, therefore the age of the main characters in the story has been raised therefore the criteria increased, especially within the drama, the role of the playboy who cannot love [DiaYa]. In his 1st role as a male lead, Calvin Chen has revealed on the official website his anticipation, hoping this time he can give a different performance.

What a better sweet news! First, congratulations to Calvin for landing a lead role! Will be looking forward to his performance. That's the sweet part. The bitter part...-sigh- hope for THAWD and guilun drama reunion has gone up in smokes...


  1. Do you really think Guilun won't reunite? nooo!

  2. The chances are pretty slim right now...i have very very little hope left