May 06, 2009

Ada Choi: Lots of hunks here but I'm married

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A little black dress was all Hong Kong actress Ada Choi needed to steal the limelight at the Star Awards 2009 where she was guest presenter.

The forthright actress unabashedly said that she seldom attends award ceremonies unless she is receiving an award. It must have been truly an honour, for Choi to be at the Star Awards.

At the post-award party, Choi told that she was surprised to find many good-lookers in Singapore. But when asked which male artiste left her with the deepest impression, she raised her left hand and laughed, "I shouldn't be commenting on this; people will scold me. I'm already married, so I shouldn't be looking at other men."

Married to Chinese actor Zhang Jin in January last year, Choi said she has mended her willful ways after being a wife and now discusses everything with her husband.

"In the past, I only have to ask my manager on things I want to do, assignments to take, and then inform my boyfriend. But now that I'm married, I will seek his opinion in everything I do and respect his decision. But I think I am blessed now more than before."

After wrapping up for the TVB mega drama production The Gem of Life end last year, Choi started on a refreshing magical comedy, Superwoman, early this year. Though a comedy, Choi said it was one of the toughest performances she has made in her last 17 years in showbiz.

"In the drama, I'm a superwoman with flying powers. If she loses her power, she will become a fat woman with huge buttocks. But when she regains power, she can fly around, save people and go on dates. She flaunts her body and looks and has more than one boyfriend. It's really funny!"

Choi is currently actively preparing for a musical that will be staged in Canada in May. As a full-time TV actress, Choi said earlier at a Shenzhen event that she should be able to handle the musical based on her previous stage experiences, and that she believes that the audience will not expect her to sing like professional singers Joey Yung and Miriam Yeung.

Hahahaha! Ada's so funny! TVB shows aren't very interesting to me at the moment but Ada's drama is an exception. It's one of the few dramas from TVB that I'm anticipating! I love Moses' new look in there too! Hahahaha!

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