May 03, 2009

Aaron Yan successfully buys home; Swaps $30,000,000 for a cozy home

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Translated by aiwa@FahrenheitGloba1

Fahrenheit's Aaron Yan successfully buys home; Swaps $30,000,000 for a cozy home

When he's tired and wants to rest, he will use take a bath in the master ensuite.

Last year, Aaron spends $30,000,000 to buy a new home in TianMu, Taipei, in order to give it to his mom for mother's day gift, but after 1 year, the family of 4 members still haven't moved in, the main reason is that Fahrenheit's schedule had been too full, his maternal grandma had been checking the good date for moving a few times, but because he had to work, he did not have time to move. What was more surprising was that at first his mom decided to buy a home near their old home in ShiLin, without taking a look, with just the location, under the strict management and suggestion of the company, he obediently bought the place, and was said that "mother and son buys things a like".

Taking away the parking spot, public facilities, Aaron's new home is around ~900 square feet, having a normal small home layout with 3 bedrooms, 2 living rooms and 2 bathrooms, overall it feels warm and cozy, coming in from the entrance, there's a medal of Fahrenheit as Taiwan Tourism's ambassador, the livingroom also contains magazine with covers of Aaron on it, the kitchen has cups with Fahrenheit's picture printed on it, as we can see how proud mom is with Aaron.

As an idol, from the musical instruments in his room, it's easy to see his hardworking side, including flute, guitar, and an air drum, in the future he also hopes to move over the keyboard from his old home.

As his dad, mom and sister still haven't officially moved in, the new home has became Aaron's best place to rest peacefully after a day of tiring work, he would take a bath in his parents' master ensuite, what's interesting is that even his bath towel is cartoon themed, it's Chiling's favorite "Kiki & Lala" (Little Twin Stars).

As for entire home, the design that he most preferred is a 3 layered drawer that can store jewellery, accessories, where he puts his most beloved ear studs and sunglasses, it looks like a designer brand counter. He said: "My most ideal bedroom is to have a walk in closet, so I need to make more money, and buy the empty home beside my own to extend the space!"

White Background & Gold Design, Simple & Luxurious

Aaron's mom likes white, so the entire home is based on white, many places are decorated with gold, giving a clean and magnificent style: For example he likes to lie down on the $20,000 Victorian one-armed sofa in the livingroom to watch TV, enjoying the feeling of an emperor; his bed headboard is also covered with gold, like the ones in hotels. He said: "When Fahrenheit goes to work overseas, we've lived in many hotels, so I brought back the idea to my home."

Plan To Build A Mini Garden

Since the entire home is based on white, maintenance and keeping the house clean is an essential job, Aaron's mom said: "I clean everything myself, even kneeling down to scrub the floor." But she revealed that she doesn't know how to cook, the kitchen is used very rarely, even the square table in the diningroom is being used for playing majong most of the time, saving the need of having the trouble of cleaning the grease and stains.

At first when she chose this place, the location is quiet within the busy area, Aaron plans to put wooden floor tiles on the deck to plant some greeneries, creating a mini garden. This part of the job has not started yet, so the balcony has a few white paint cans left from the upholstry, good thing it's being stored neatly, not to the point of disrupting the beautiful scenery.

Flower-Like Boy Sings & Act

◎Actual Name:吴庚霖 Wu Geng Lin
◎Age:23 years old (1985╱11╱20)
◎Education:Jinwen University of Science and Technology (currently in 2nd year)
◎Record Albums:Fahrenheit "Loving You More & More" etc. 3rd album
◎Drama Work:Idol drama "KO ONE", "X-Family", "MIT" etc.
◎Salary Worth:The 4 of Fahrenheit's total income salart last year was $134,000,000

Idol stays put in TianMu

Location:Taipei, TianMu
Total Worth:$30,000,000
Area:Interior, public facilities, parking total around 1800 square feet
Format:3 bedroom, 2 livingroom, 2 bathroom
Members:4 people(Aaron、parents、sister)
House Age:1 year

Aaron's (right) warm and cozy home, he likes to enjoy the leisure time with his mom in the livingroom.

With white as a base color, cabinets are used as storage.
The theme of his sister's room is pastel color

Simple diningroom, selecting square table for the convenience of playing majong. <--- haha nice one

A very clean kitchen, because it's rarely being used. <-- no wonder, so that's how ppl keep their kitchen so clean

Bathroom separates wet & dry, shower is very convenient. <--- you can see the Little Twin Stars towel in the mirror, haha

Taking a bath in a massage tub when he's tired, can also view the street scenes from out the window. <--- not when he's bathing right? cuz ppl will see him from outside LOL

Aaron's bedroom has cartoon themed pillow, can see that he's young at heart. <--- nice~ miffy pillow?

He collects many of Fahrenheit's merchandise, laughingly admits that he's narcissistic.

Custom-Made Acessories Dresser, like being in a designer store. <--- so stylish~

He plays on the air drum, enjoying himself. <---wow he sure is taking up a lot of new instruments lately~

Parents' master bedroom is simple and elegant, but they still haven't moved in yet. <--- the matress looks really tall

The wine cabinet holds his mom's favorite Hello Kitty. <--- haha, Aaron's mom is so cute

Sorry to have captured you
Painting tools on the balcony
The spray paint, paints for painting the interior are all stored on the balcony, should be considered tidy already.

1. Entrance
2. Diningroom
3. Livingroom
4. Aaron's room
5. Kitchen
6. Bathroom
7. Parents' room
8. Sister's room

WAAHHHH~ I love his house! It kinda makes me want to work hard to earn money to buy this kind of house! Gosh~his house is so neat and tidy too~


  1. Hey, for the worth of the house and money values, are you sure it's dollars, and not twd? Cuz then, they make a lot of money and his house was really expensive!

  2. How did you get the pictures? And does anyone know who is Aaron's sister?

  3. Sarahh: It's probably and most likely TWD.

    Florence: I broke into his house and took pictures. Hahahaa~ just kiddddinggg! Pictures are from the source. Arron's sister is featured in Fahrenheit's Heng Xing MV~

  4. LOL. yeah i know right. i think the value should be in taiwanese dollars cause isnt 30 mil a bit too much for one house? xL mayybe its just my inexperience-ness.
    and yes. i do know who aaron yan's sister is. she is featured in one of their MVs. if youre a real fan like me... you would go search and find out (: