April 30, 2009

Xiao Zhu quits sex and makes net friends ; Identity exposed, Claims does not know the other person

Source: Yam News - Liberty
Translated by Cmiley @ http://www.asianfanatics.net
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[Xiao Zhu] Show Luo with intolerable loneliness, is caught in an internet friend making trap, exposing full message context of picking up a girl on the net, the female lead exposes Xiao Zhu [Brother Zhu] plays ambiguity, male lead questions the plot, says naïve and likes making friends, unfortunately enters the complicated world of the internet, Xiao Zhu sadly says he was too careless, apologizes for setting a bad example!

Exposing Female Netizen is Selina-Look-A-Like
The year before Xiao Zhu went to Thailand for pointers from the White Dragon King, if he quits from female (sex) then he could be popular as 10 years, since then he is stuck in a dilemma, says he has “Self Defence Force”, hands can do anything so it solves his physical needs until the end of last year. He and model Tia Li (李毓芬) met when filming an ad, rumours says once in the light the short relationship dies.

Because of helpless loneliness, Xiao Zhu went online to meet friends, meeting a Hong Kong female netizen, the person resembles to Selina, causing him to be caught in a love “net”, the two interacted about 3 months chatting on MSN, texting. The info was all recorded by the female, including cam exposure of Xiao Zhu’s half upper body, and messages of flirting text messages.

Xiao Zhu Half Upper Body Exposed on Cam
Private Interaction All Exposed

This so-called Fanny female netizen, gave all explicit content of their interaction to a magazine. Not only info about the process of them going out, Fanny had even said she’s been to his home, but since the publication of the exposure on the magazine, her site had also closed.

In this regard, Xiao Zhu firmly says he’s never met the person. As for the exposure of the upper body on the cam, he explained, the other party was questioning his identity, so to show his sincerity to be come friends, so he decided to open his cam to prove he identity, “coincidently at that time I was working out”.

Photograph and Name are Different
Female Bait Scam Plot

Xiao Zhu says naïve and wants to make friends, he had good impression of her, but at the end is involved in “Female Bait Scam Plot 仙人跳”, since the female netizen says she didn’t have cam, so he’s only seen the others pictures, also the exposure of the content is also not true, Xiao Zhu says that after the person got his trust, had said interests of entering the entertainment industry, then it made him realize some suspicion, thinking again of the other person’s motive of being friends. Who ever thought just as he had suspicions, he’s exposed by the female netizen, he sadly says: “He’s never going to trust anyone, there’s too man scams on the net, warns everyone to be careful.” He admits he was too careless, setting a bad example, “He will pay attention to his future actions.”

But Xiao Zhu also pointed out, the magazine calls the netizen Fanny, but the one he knows is Tiffany, and the pictures that were provided to the magazine by Fanny, was different from the person he knew as Tiffany showing not the same person, “The magazine and I could both be fooled.”

Xiao Zhu is Sorry to His Mother and Fans
Xiao Zhu meeting female netizen exposure, yesterday he was on GTV’s “100% Entertainment” Live program also says he’s sorry to his mother, fans, company, speaking of mother, words choking says, he’s originally worried about the reaction of the fans, but seeing the messages from fans, say about his making net friends says “Really Strong 很強”, “很行”and other words, all agree “Xiao Zhu is usually like this on “100% Entertainment”!” Giving him support, comforting him, then Xiao Zhu’s feelings was warmer, facing the camera says three statements: “I am Shuo Luo, I don not want to be a fake idol, I am a real person.”

Management Company is to Sue Female Netizen
Xiao Zhu’s management company gives statement, saying this female netizen spread news to the media, the purpose was to use this opportunity to become famous, the manager Zhang says, is looking for this female netizen, if found will sue all the way.

credits to faloveshow2@youtube

images from Mingpao & Liberty Times

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Support Mr. Pig! Whoever that girl, she shouldn't have leaked these private information out. This is call back stabbing! And Mr. Pig needs to be more careful on the web too!

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